Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I was feeling pretty good this morning as I walked to my car. I’d had a good breakfast of milk, a banana, and my three vitamins, the sun was shining, and Sandwiches was excited to be on his way to daycare. Then it happened all of a sudden: my eyes and mouth water, and I projectile vomit all over my neighbors’ lawn. Banana wasn’t so bad; the vitamins were. Sandwiches wagged his tail stump all excitedly, like, “Hey mom! That’s what I do on walks too!”

What’s with that? Morning sickness has stuck at full force after the thirtieth week for me. When I told my midwife about it, she suggested that I journal my thoughts about the impending arrival of my little one because I’m probably secretly really terrified of having a child. After silently telling her to eff off in my mind, I researched extensively and found that it’s probably just a big huge surge of hormones, which can happen at any time during pregnancy.

I don’t want to say what I actually did, but… what is the etiquette when you throw up on someone’s lawn?


  1. Not too much to do. Say sorry. Offer yourself to help cleaning. And life goes on.

  2. omg i couldn't imagine... what are u supposed to do? ring the doorbell?? "o by the way..." i feel for you dearie! (im a new follower, so i will have to do some catch-up reading on your blog!) found you on meditative mom's blog hop!! :) i'm recently preggers... and your caught my eye! don't forget to follow us as well!! if you want to that is.... ;)