Monday, August 30, 2010

Twenty Eight

Well, still plodding along over here. I haven’t written much lately because I just don’t have much to say. Nowadays baby girl is about 15.5 inches tall and about 2.2 pounds; we’ve finally hit a kilogram! Her skin continues to smooth out and get more pink as time goes on. She responds very well to light and sound; as I tested out by shinning a head lamp on her last night. Her lungs are big and strong enough that she’d be able to breathe on the outside, if needed, but she’s going to keep cooking for a while yet! I’ve felt her hiccupping a few times and women are right when they say that it’s both the coolest and weirdest sensation ever.

As for me; I’m not at my greatest. Over the weekend I had several really sharp cramps and cramps hard enough to wake me up last night. I know it’s normal because of her growing size and weight, but it still has me a teeny bit concerned. I wish I could call the midwife without getting chastised for “worrying,” but instead the knowledge that Doctor Google says it’s normal will suffice. Sleeping has become more and more difficult and the combo of heartburn, cramps, and sharing the bed again doesn’t help. (Speaking of which, last night I woke up and Sandwiches was snuggled right between us. I was really surprised because he’s very independent and likes to sleep in his own bed lately, but Toby claimed that he was very cold and crawled into bed shortly after I fell asleep.) Anyway, I know that it’s all usual stuff and I’m trying to enjoy it as it comes.

Lastly, we went out to buy our stroller over the weekend at Baby’s World, but they didn’t have the particular one we were looking for. It seems like we’ve switched roles lately; I’m no longer worried at all about having “things,” for her, but it seems like this has put Toby on overdrive. I think I’m much more relaxed now that I have a few onesies to take her home in. The assurance that she won’t be cold and naked seems to have done the trick for me. Also, we’re showing our house right now and the last thing I want after all the cleaning I’ve done is more stuff cluttering our space. Toby, on the other hand, wouldn’t let us leave the store without purchasing something. He insisted on nothing but the best for our daughter (but instead blamed my reckless driving) and now we own a lovely top of the line car seat. Both of us remarked on how weird it is that soon we’ll be taking home our baby in that fancy car seat…

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nothing new

Life goes on around here. Toby’s been gone over seventeen days and that just makes me feel like having a temper tantrum. I understand that he has to work, and it’s probably a good thing that all the overtime is now rather than in November, but still… I just want to pout and whine. I’ve reached my limit and I want him home now.

In the last week, baby’s gone through a huge growth spurt. She now manages to wedge her feet up near my ribs, so often it feels like I can’t even be in a proper sitting position. Thankfully I often lean at work. Perhaps baby will be unlike both her mom and dad and be freakishly tall.

I’ve done a ton of research on the best possible wrap for baby-wearing, and it seems like it’s the Moby Wrap. I’ve found one that I can buy on craigslist, so at least we’re squared away on one front!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Twenty Seven Weeks

Twenty Seven weeks! One hundred and eighty nine days! Amazing! Most sources say that week twenty seven marks the beginning of my seventh month of pregnancy and of my third trimester. This is all very exciting news. This baby and I, we only have one trimester left together eating and breathing together. After that, it just gets more exciting since I get to meet my amazingly cute and lovely daughter. By no means am I wishing away this time, but I’m also thrilled and ecstatic to finally meet our little person. Starting now, baby’s growth is slowing down and she’s working instead to pack on pounds. Right now she’s just over two pounds and about fifteen inches tall. As for me: I’m thrilled that I didn’t get a call back regarding the gestational diabetes (Yessss! I knew that my lifelong obsession with candy would some day serve beneficial) so no news is good news in that regard. A new and exciting symptom is my shortness of breath. I was talking with the big boss the other day about something pretty important and suddenly found myself really short of breath, as if I’d just power walked over to her office or something. At first I took it as I sign of my lack of fitness lately, but after researching found that it’s due more to my uterus being up near my rib cage.

Welcome, third trimester!

Sandwiches Says:

"Those with big bellies should not wear stripes."

Friday, August 20, 2010

What keeps me up at night

It’s not thinking about labour or the fact that I’ll be short on sleep for the next few years. What keeps me up at night (aside from the heat and the heartburn and my dog) is thinking about how I can teach her to be a proper girl. A girl that knows her power and strengths and the fact that she can do everything she wants to. I’m scared of having to teach this role; while I was kind-of raised on a principle like that and was around educated people my whole life, can I teach my daughter this coming from my current life position? I know I’m going to stay home for a while and I know that the whole baby-making mothering thing will be my stage of life for the next while. I’ve gotten a degree and had a semblance of a career and then didn’t want it anymore and here we are. I have a job that doesn’t pay, that I have no desire to grow in right now, and rely on a man. I’m absolutely elated to bring a baby into this world and it’s by far the most exciting thing that I’ve ever done.

How do I teach my daughter to be a proper feminist? Starting off, we’re listening to a whole bunch of Ani Difranco and perhaps I’ll pull out my old women’s studies books to read to her. A little bell hooks and Judith Butler in utero can’t hurt anybody…

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Growing a baby, loosing my mind

More and more, I’m doing absolutely ridiculous things. I’m not the type to forget stuff or trip or drop things, but apparently we’re welcoming in a new era. In the past month and a half, I’ve managed to:

-Set off my car alarm four times. Prior to this, I had not even the remote clue that my car even has an alarm. The first time it happened I just stared at Yoshi the Yaris like, “Huh? Why are you doing this?”

-Drove over a bridge on my way home, only to realize ten minutes later that there are no bridges on my way home and that suddenly I’m driving around East Vancouver for no reason.

-Baked a wheat-free cake, iced it, cut it, and put it in my fridge. I forgot to eat it and now it’s gone off.

-Dropped a thousand things a thousand times.

-Came up with the perfect middle name for our daughter and then promptly forgot it.

Plus, I just get more huge by the day. I’m pretty sure I’ll start pulling things into my orbit any minute now.


Yet another reason why I love the father of my child:

Yesterday I picked up Sandwiches from daycare and noticed a sign promoting their new services: pedicures, massages, and aromatherapy for the dogs. When I talked to Toby later on in the day, I mentioned the fact that they were doing these things. He says to me, “Get him a pedicure. I don’t want him wondering why everyone else gets one and he doesn’t.” So effin cute.

This morning I was grocery shopping and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a giant display of pumpkin pies and Halloween candy. “What the hell?” I wondered, while trying really hard to figure out if I’d gone into some freakish pregnancy coma and forgot the past two months. But no, they’re just putting that stuff out earlier and earlier. I also thought about the fact that by the time Halloween candy is on sale, I’ll be almost finished working and almost holding my baby girl.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The happiest part of my day?

My baby kicking all day long. Aaaaa-mazing...

On being girly

The other day I was sitting on the couch painting my nails when Toby asked, “What’s with you today?”
“What do you mean,” I asked him, knowing fully well that he was referring to the fact that I was painting my nails black.
“You’re all goth now? You’re feeling emo today?”
I just wanted to paint my nails black because I thought they looked cool, but it brought on a discussion about what mommies do and do not. Apparently, they do not paint their nails black. Red and pink are fine, but not blue or black. Weird, hey? These concepts he has? This whole thing is we’re embarking on is the biggest learning experience ever for both of us.

During the weekend I had my second pregnancy massage and it was absolutely fantastic. This time I actually had the foresight to arrive early so I could be all luxurious in my fluffy white robe while eating dried kiwis and prunes and drinking roiboos tea out of a champagne flute (really). I even stepped into the eucalyptus steam bath for a few minutes, even though it’s kind of a no-no for pregnant people; it just smelled soooo good. This time I had the foresight to request a woman – her name was Britta and she looked like she should be giving massages. She was absolutely wonderful and I was able to actually relax during my massage, which is totally unlike me. I think baby girl really enjoyed it too; she wiggled around constantly while we were there. I think there’s more of these in our future!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Twenty six week belly

It's been a while since I've photographed my belly:

Time, it goes on.

It seems like just yesterday I was peeing on a stick. Well, on seven sticks, if I’m going to be perfectly honest. And now all of a sudden I’m peeing myself when I sneeze. When did this all start happening so fast?


This weekend I went to my gestational diabetes test. I was kind of looking forward to it, as I’d read so much about it on the internet. Even the midwife warned me about this one, actually, so I was looking forward to seeing what all the fuss was about.

I arrived early as to avoid lines, but the place was already packed with people, including three other very pregnant ladies. They got me this mysterious drink that I’d read so much about and asked me to take the first sip on front of the lady who checked me in. I’d read that the liquid is a thick sugary concoction, so I kind of scrunched my nose and took a teeny tentative sip; expecting the worst. It was… delicious. So amazingly delicious. I drank it all and asked for a second cup! Well, I didn’t ask for a second cup but I really wanted to. It was exactly like orange Fanta (actually, I think it was orange Fanta.) The receptionist made sure that I could stay for a full hour, and by that they meant in the actual waiting room. I was planning on going outside to paint my nails and to avoid germs, but they made it very clear that there would be no stepping foot outside that office.

After an hour of shifting around in the uncomfortable plastic seat and staring at the other pregnant girls, I was called up to draw blood. The tech told me a huge story about how much she dislikes having a child, took my blood (out of the top of my hand since my veins are little) and sent me on my way. Hopefully I’ll hear nothing back and continue on my amazing tasting journey of slurpees and chocolate bars.

Twenty Six…

This week baby is weighing in at almost two pounds and is about 14 inches long. She’s opening her eyes and pretending to be a fish by breathing in amniotic fluid. Her immune system is getting strong and she’s getting all systems up and running for d-day! She’s now really proportionate-looking and is putting on fat which is smoothing out her skin wrinkles. As for me, I’m feeling fairly emotional when it comes to the fact that baby will be here so soon. I happened upon a clip of when Obama won last year and burst out crying because, man, his mom must be so proud of him! There was also quite a bit of crying when I watched Everybody’s Fine during the weekend. I came to the conclusion that it’s okay if she’s not in Mensa or Prime Minister; she just needs to be happy.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Old Man Cuteness

I was helping a little old man and out of nowhere he asked if I had children. I told him I was expecting my first – a girl. “How do you know that?” he asked me incredulously.
“I had an ultrasound. The doctor told me.”
He was absolutely shocked. He just could not even fathom why I would want to know, even after I gave him plenty of reasons. I don’t like surprises, I like to plan, I don’t like not knowing what’s going on in there, I’m nosy and curious.
“What did people do before they had this technology?” he asked me.
I guess they didn’t find out. But now we can, so I did.
He just shook his head in disbelief and said, “If you were my granddaughter (and you could be, because I’m 81!) I’d go to the doctor and tell him not to tell you! Because you should not know those things!” I love how little old men always tell me their age even though I can see it on the screen; they’re so proud of their age and that’s awesome and unlike women. This man was just so incensed about the whole thing; he kept walking away and then coming back to tell me another thing he thinks about it.

It’s really funny how everyone has such an opinion about finding out. At first I thought it was older generations that were super anti it, just because they hadn’t had the option. But even people our age just don’t get why we’d want to know. But like I told little Mr. Grant, I don’t like surprises. It even irritated me after 12 weeks to know that baby was a boy or girl in there and I didn’t get to know about it. She’s not a birthday present or an engagement ring; she doesn’t need to be a surprise! There will be so many surprises that day – another one is the last thing I need!

So, whatever.

Not in a huge mood to write, but I’m hoping to get over it with the upcoming weekend. I really need a weekend.

I’m finally at the point in pregnancy where a customer will come up and say, “When are you due?!” without any hesitation of me being pregnant. It’s wonderful because then most women will go into a big tale about when they had their babies and share their own experiences. I love hearing what they have to say; no one has any complaints about being a mommy. I’m so excited about my new adventure.

For those that have asked, baby girl does have a name already. Well, she has a first name and a last name but we’re still struggling a bit with the middle name. And I think we’ll be keeping quiet about it for a while, as to not be influenced by others’ judgment. I love her name and I’ve been calling her and typing it a lot to get used to it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Coming out

The midwife pointed out something that I’d actually never thought about. She was going on about the endorphins and all that and then mentioned how stressful and traumatizing the whole coming out ordeal is for baby also. I’d actually been so wrapped up in thinking about ice cream and me that I totally forgot about our baby girl. For her whole existence, she’s been comfortably resting in my cushy uterus. We do fun things like rock in my computer chair, lay on the couch, ride in a car. I guess her apartment gets smaller and smaller, but even until the end she feels really safe and comfortable in there. But come her birthday, all of her warm amniotic fluid that surrounds her will suddenly be gone. “WTF?!” she’ll probably think. Her previously cushy home will start contracting and squeezing and pushing to evict her immediately. What a crappy deal. Not only that, but her head will actually mould to fit through my dainty “canals.” When was the last time you tried to squeeze your head through something that small? Also, I was told that it usually takes two pushes to get them fully out, meaning that first her head will just be on the outside and then she’ll have to maneuver her shoulders and little slimy body out a few minutes later (picturing that visual totally makes me laugh). All in all, the experience of going from the only wonderful peaceful existence that she’s ever known to all that other chaos is probably stressful and annoying. No wonder they cry when they come out.

Bottles of beer on the wall

So. 99 days. Pretty cool, if you ask me…

The other day I saw someone who I hadn’t seen in a while and she said, “Wow, you’re like… huge…” in a pretty shitty and annoying way. I didn’t think anything of it until I was recounting the story to Toby who got all defensive and like, “Yeah! You’re having a baby! That’s what happens! In six months you won’t be huge and you’ll have a baby, but she’ll still be a bitch!”

I’m not quoting him to point out his overreaction, but the fact that he’s always on my side. I’ve always really believed that your loved one should be your strongest advocate, and I’m so lucky that mine actually is. Also, Sandwiches and I miss him a lot.

99 days of pregnancy left!!!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our little houseguest

We were lying around the other day and I said, “So, we just have one more trimester to go and then we’re going to bring our baby home. Scary, huh?”
Toby says, “Which part of it?” knowing full well that I’m not scared of labour.
“Well, just the fact that we’ll bring her home. And then she’ll be here. And we’ll have to entertain her! All the time!”
“Dana, it’s not going to be like having a house-guest. We don’t have to take her to the Capilano Suspension Bridge or to buy smoked salmon in Gastown.”
Huh. I guess he’s right. But I’m sure that one day she’ll want to go do that treetop adventure at the suspension bridge.

The point of this? I just wanted to draw your attention to my ticker on the left-hand side of the screen: one hundred days of pregnancy until our baby girl is here!!!

What a change!

The appointment yesterday was fantastic – everything I wanted to know was answered. Luckily, I had the good midwife and she was incredibly helpful and reassuring. I’m really crossing my fingers that she’s the one who delivers the baby.

I finally got to ask about pain meds during labour; I really had no idea why so many people were so vehemently opposed or in agreement with things like epidurals and I couldn’t really find any non-biased medical info about the types of pain meds that were an option during labour. She sat down and went through every pain med option, and in turn pointed out:
-The effect on baby
-The effect on me
-The effect on labour
She quoted actual scientific info and papers. She gave me facts. This is what I needed. Last time I inquired about this subject, I was given a speech on the fact that women have been doing this without meds for gazillions of years and I know that. I wasn’t looking for a value judgment – I wanted the real information and facts. The fact that one midwife can actually do this for me really puts my mind at ease.

Everything is going swimmingly; my uterus is measuring at 26 weeks, and baby is lying in a weird sideways position which is not of any concern until week 32. Personally, I think she’s just doing gymnastics, since that’s also her mom’s forte. Hee! I also weighed myself (she didn’t ask me to weigh myself and then yell at me about my weight gain, as the other very-large midwife did last week) but when I chose to secretly weigh myself in the bathroom, I discovered I only gained two pounds in the last five weeks! Hooray! This is totally completely baby related and having nothing to do with ice cream, which is great. She also let me actually look at the results of the ultrasounds and see for myself that everything looked perfect.

We went into depth about labour and exactly what would happen. She said that Toby could deliver the baby if he wanted, but since I’ve already had to coax him into cutting the umbilical cord I don’t really think he’d be into it. I might catch her myself, though!

The next steps are to do my glucose testing for gestational diabetes sometime this week, and to schedule a hospital visit. Yay for healthy baby!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Just random

I’m sitting at work, out of things to read on the internet. While I complain a little about my job, I’m pretty lucky to have one that affords me a comfy leany chair, unlimited internet time, and a little spot to set down my tea. I’m really comfortable at work – no one can see that my shoes are off and that my legs are sprawled out on the computer tower. I guess it sucks to not really make any money or be doing something productive with my time, but luckily this is what works for us for now.

Today is my monthly midwife appointment. I used to get excited about these things, but not anymore. I’m just going to keep my mouth shut and have her say what she needs to say. I’ll also sit in the seat furtherest away, as the smell of sweat makes me nauseous. Last time I was so put off and intimidated, that I didn’t even get to ask my questions, but this time I will not allow that. I will continue to sit there until all of my questions are answered – I will not be intimidated by midwife!

Obviously, I have nothing meaningful to say. I’m a single mom to Sandwiches for the next two weeks (!) and everything is progressing nicely. My tummy is getting bigger daily, and baby girl does nothing but wiggle and kick. I’ve been getting Braxton-Hicks type contractions lately, which is just incredibly bizarre. My tummy gets really hard for about thirty seconds, but isn’t really bothersome. I hope that’s a sign of things to come! My insatiable desire for cream cheese has finally waned and it seems like I have little room in my stomach for actual food.

I’ve also been considering having a baby shower, but am still mostly undecided. A friend of mine has offered to have it, but we’ll see how into it we get.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Twenty five...

The combo of the advanced due date along with being away for the week has propelled me into week twenty five! How shocking! Every picture I see of baby shows her in rather cramped conditions. While she was comfortably doing the breast stroke mere weeks ago, she’s now totally packed into my soccer-ball sized uterus. I think it looks really uncomfortable and cramped, while Toby thinks it looks cozy and safe. Our baby girl now weighs about 1.5 pounds and is about 35 centimeters tall. She’s finally putting on some fat and turning pink. She’s now technically able to survive “on the outside!” Still, I think she’d rather keep cooking for fifteen more weeks. As for me, I’m starting to feel all sorts of brand new aches and pains. Pregnancy has been great for me so far, so I’m guessing that these new symptoms are just part of the process.