Friday, November 11, 2011


My little baby Bowen,

I cannot believe this day has come. One year ago a little piece of my heart left my body and changed our lives in every way imaginable. In this past year you've made me see how days can be so, so long, yet time itself is short. Just a year ago I gave birth to you; your dad and I leaned into each other and cried with joy as you entered this world. Today, you're here. A whole, beautiful, amazing little toddling being - climbing up stairs, saying "app-le!" and smiling at me every time I make eye contact with you. Sometimes after a hard day I just open my arms to you and you squeal and jump into them. You've made my life, little baby. You're the joy in every day, and for that I'm thankful.

I've been writing you monthly notes, little baby, and this month it was all just too much to capture. You've been called a "prodigy" at your music class; you went to a pumpkin patch for the first time; you love looking at books and climbing stairs; you capture the eyes and heart of everyone you see. Your hair is growing curly and blonde, and you continue to be "tall and thin" - unlike either of your parents. When I last measured you, you were at 21.5 pounds, and while I haven't taken your height measurement, you seem to tower above other girls your age but are right at the same hight as the boys. You scream with delight when you see living creatures - sometimes dogs, sometimes birds, sometimes salmon - and they hold your captive attention. This month you hate (HATE!) having me change your diaper; every single time screaming and rolling ensues.

For some reason writing this makes me cry uncontrollably. Our mommy friends joke that for Halloween you should have been dressed as a baby (rather than as a monkey), just because I'm having such a hard time letting go. Such a short time ago you were struggling to hold your head up, and now here you are, with your own little personality, saying things, doing things, and being a real-live person. For some reason it brings me to tears - all at once I'm so proud and so humbled by what you're becoming. I'm so proud of you, my little baby.

Lets just take a little inventory here, baby monkey: you make your grand entrance into this world... tried to breast-feed, slept, opened your eyes, looked around, held up your head, smiled, focused your eyes, met Santa, cuddled, lay on your tummy, grew, clenched your little fists in a ball, began wearing clothes, did some tummy time, kicked your little legs, bounced on your jolly lumper, sat up, rolled over, ate food, moved into your forever home, grew teeth, grew hair, sang songs, read books, kept growing, learned to crawl, learned to say "Mama, Dada, Apple, Dog..." grew a personality, grew a preference to cucumbers and fruit, learned to laugh, started standing up and balancing on your legs, learned rhythm and tone, started scooting along on furniture, pulling out plugs, opening drawers...

Baby, you've really grown up. I look at the pictures of you recently emerged from the comfy little cradle of my womb and I look at you now, nearly three feet tall, and my head spins with just how amazing you are. I can't believe we've done all this in a year, Bowen.

Today, as we celebrate your very first birthday with our friends and family, your dad and I look at you with joy and pride. You're the most amazing things in our lives, baby Bowen, and there's not a day that passes in which we forget that.

Happy one year birthday, Bowen!

I love you forever, and ever and ever,

-Your mom

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