Friday, January 11, 2013

Twenty Six Months!

My darling baby Bowen,

Happy twenty six months, big girl! Every day when you wake up you look and feel bigger, longer, and just more and more like a little girl. Over the last few months your "babyhood" is slipping away and seeing it is both incredibly exciting but also a tiny bit sad. You change so very quickly. So much has happened in this month that I don't even know where to begin!

One of the most exciting parts of the last month was Christmas. This was your third so far, and absolutely the most exciting to date. You were just so into everything; each little piece was incredibly exciting for you. The daily advent calendar was fun to look forward to daily, as well as seeing the beautiful lights around the neighbourhood, the constant candy canes you were handed, and the frequent Santa sightings. You loved the entire season, and each passing day towards Christmas was more exciting than the last. We had a quiet evening at home on Christmas eve, and on Christmas morning you woke up asking about Santa immediately. We told you he had come and gone, and we showed you his half-eaten cookies and the carrots munched on by the reindeer. I must admit that you seemed rather dissapointed with the fact that he hadn't stuck around to see you, or even to stay "for dinner?" as you asked, but quickly got over it when you sat down to open presents. We're not a big present family, so you got a few special things that you truly seemed to enjoy. You loved opening your stocking and seeing all the wonderful things held within. You then enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast and loved having a family walk, where you actually walked most of the way rather than sitting in your stroller. Our evening was spent with family, which is always so fun for you, my little one. You played with your cousins and aunt and "gamma" and loved each little treat Christmas had to give. Seeing you enjoy and love everything "for the first time" was absolutely magical, my baby. I loved Christmas this year, and seeing the glee in your eyes was truly the best thing ever.

And speaking of family, you've been loving spending time with yours! In the time that your "gamma" was here you saw her at least weekly and absolutely looked forward to it each time. As we head in her direction on the highway even now you ask "Gamma's house?" with a lot of hope in your voice. I've explained that Gamma and Poppa went away on a plane for a little while, which was perhaps the wrong explination as now every single time you see a plane (or even a helicopter, for that matter!) you point up and go, "Gamma up in the sky?!" You've also had the opportunity to spend some time with your aunt, which you also quite enjoyed. You loved recounting when you said, "Bye-bye mama!" and spent an afternoon at "Dinny's House." It's wonderful to see you forming such bonds with your loved ones, my little one. I know that the coming summer will bring even more time with more loved ones, and I look forward to seeing you form bonds with the important people in our lives.

This month you sure have grown, my monkey. Everything you do seems to indicate that you're truly a "big girl." You run everywhere, rather than walk. Of course, this means more falling, but you're very good at picking yourself right back up. You're such a little daredevil and I love seeing you push yourself to learn all of the exciting things you're truly capable of. Another step you've taken towards being a big girl was the recent dropping of your afternoon nap. These days there's absolutely no way to get you down after lunch, and more often than not you're up from morning to night. This makes for very long days, baby Bowen. We've started to incorporate some quiet time. You entertain yourself with books, sometimes reading out loud to yourself and sometimes to Sandwiches. I have to admit that this month you've also started watching little snippets of movies. The only things you've seen so far are a few minutes of "Wallace and Grommit" and also "Sesame Street" here and there. You love it and it's a good way for me to get things done, but on the other hand, it's certainly not my proudest parenting moment. Aside from that, we continue to enjoy a TV-free lifestyle, as we have your whole life.

Your speaking this month has erupted from two word sentences into full ones. You repeat everything like a parrot, and seeing you discover language is incredible. I love hearing your thoughts in your own words. You've become quite a jokester, too, my baby! The other day I was watching you out of the corner of my eye; I saw you slowly getting off the couch and crouching lower and lower, until you were lying on the floor. It was then that you called me over, telling me "Mama? Me fall off the couch?" while almost bursting into laughter! You also love hiding now, and are delighted and surprised each and every time I find you. You spend most of your time in big girl underwear now, and accidents are becoming more few and far between. I marvel at you taking the lead on your potty training and I puff up with pride when I witness your own pride in your actions.

My little monkey, when you run up to me to hug my legs, nuzzle in and happily exclaim, "my mama!" I know that there truly is nothing better than this. The moment that we're living in is as good as it gets, and I would never ever trade it for anything else. I love you and I love our life together. I know how special these moments are, and this time we have of growing and changing together is incredible to be a part of. I love seeing life through your eyes, and being sidekicks as we go about our days.

Happy twenty six months, my love!

I love you forever,

-Your mama

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