Monday, February 11, 2013

Twenty Seven Months!

My little big girl Bowen,

Oh, how you've grown this month! I love looking at you all streched out across the bed in amazement that this tall and long body used to fit within mine. It's truly incredible, all the growing you've done in the past months. I do double takes of you often; it's really unbelievable what a little girl you've become. And I know that this is just the beginning.

This month you've started talking in full sentences. You love telling us what you like and don't like constantly. I get a kick out of hearing you say, "Mama! I like hiking!" when you're strapped to your daddy's back on long hikes. You're very vocal about the music we hear on the radio: "Mama? I don't like this song. Beluga song now!" And you're always sure to tell me who you think is "nice." I'm really seeing your vocabulary change and develop and lately you've been revamping your cute interpretation of words into the actual words. "Um" is becoming "eat;" "wara" is becoming "water;" and "titi" has becoming "witchy." These tiny little bits of your babyhood are fading away daily and so very quickly, so I'm working hard to keep them ingrained in my mind forever. You'll never ever be as little as you are today again, and watching you grow up this quickly is making me keenly aware of this fact.

We're back in the swing of things with your activities, and this semester you're really loving the swimming lessons. You have no problem saying "Bye Bye, Mama!" and spending the entire time of your lesson with the teacher. Seeing your progress with the weekly class has been awesome. You started off merely splashing around, and now you actually "swim," put your face under water, and jump into the pool from the edge! You're such a brave little thing, monkey! In music you love being the teacher's helper. Every time we're asked to put away instruments you're the first to volunteer, and your favourite part continues to be the "teamwork song" where we put everything away together. Even at Cypress Corner you've continued to thrive and excel; you're totally used to the two year old group, and nowadays have no problem going to the potty on your own. It's amazing, my little baby!

At home your smart and funny personality continues to shine through. You like everything in its place, and are quick to close a door that's open and to make sure everything is where it should be. You really like lights being turned on at the appropriate time, and if I'm not fast enough to get them on I see you march over with the step stool and get them turned on. It's neat to watch you utilizing the tools around you in new and innovative ways. Your favourite game is "chasey," and you're constantly asking everyone (including Sandwiches!) to chase you around the house. You love closing the door, knocking and answering, "Bono!" when I ask who's knocking. My love, you're getting so sneaky and smart and I absolutely love it. You've been really enjoying beet/celery/kale juice that your dad likes in the morning. I've told you many, many times that we only drink that in the kitchen since who wants beet juice all over the house? The other day while I was in the bedroom I noticed you going to the kitchen to take sips of your juice, over and over. You'd fill your mouth with it, and then come sit on the bed beside me. You looked at me all sneakily and really enjoyed that you'd figured it all out - you were drinking juice in the room after mama had told you not to! The joy in having you figure something like that out is magnificent, and really, really reminds me of myself when I was little.

This month we've been talking about your little brother and the big role that you'll have to take on when he comes into our lives. While at first you were quite upset about the fact that Mama's having a baby and not a cat, you're starting to come around to the idea. You ask often if he'll know how to walk or how to use the potty, and then volunteer to teach him these things. You tell us that you want to hug him and hold him, and too often lift up my shirt to feed him goldfish crackers. You tell me daily that you'd like to name him Elmo, but we're still mulling that one over. I know you'll make an amazing big sister, my little Bowen.

You grow and change and thrive daily. I'm loving how we can communicate, and how no matter what is wrong or right you are able to express it to me. The joy in your words and in your eyes when you see a bird, or a digger, or a puppy is the best thing EVER and the love and happiness that you convey daily is absolutely contagious. I love the way you are, and I love the lessons we're learning from each other along the way.

Happy twenty seven months, Bowen Naomi!

I love you forever,

-Your mama

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