Thursday, April 11, 2013

Twenty Nine Months!

My little baby Bowen,

Here we are again! Like everyone says, days are long but time is short. I can't believe it's been another month!

This has been a month full of questions. You ask about simply everything, and it came out of nowhere! One day you were just stating things, and the next you started asking questions. "What is that?" "What's going on?" "Who are you talking to?" "What are you talking about?" "Where are we going?" "Why? Why? Why?" It's questions, all day long and nothing short of a real answer will satisfy your need to know! Seeing you so curious about the world is amazing, little baby. In terms of communication, you're opening up a lot to friends and other kids also. I notice you say your name a lot more when people ask you, and whenever you see a big group of "big girls" playing at the playground you can't resist saying hello. Oftentimes you lift up my shirt and say, "Hi, baby brother!" and with a pointed finger state, "Soon!"

This month we celebrated Easter in the traditionally secular way, which basically involved a lot of chocolate! You were absolutely enthralled with the Easter Bunny. When I took you to see him at the mall you immediately hugged him and just sat beside him staring, smiling, and holding his hand. When it was no longer your turn, you stood aside just waving and looking at him. You loved leaving him out some carrots the day before Easter, and couldn't get enough of talking about him. The day before Easter we went to a big public egg hunt at a local park, where there must have been a thousand other kids. You rushed onto the egg hunt area, picked up a couple of little eggs, and said, "All done!" quickly walking away to eat them! At our egg hunt at home the next morning, you couldn't believe all the neat stuff the Easter Bunny had left in your very own back yard, and truly relished turning over each object with wonder. Holidays with you are so incredibly fun, Baby Bowen! I know I say it often, but all seeing all these little things through your toddler eyes truly makes my world spin!

With the weather getting better we've been enjoying walks and a lot of time at our local playground. You really prefer to walk anywhere over getting into your stroller, and even though it takes more than twice the amount of time it's well worth it in your amount of fun! You've become an incredibly climber and I so admire your fearlessness! You love filling your pockets with rocks and bringing them home to share and inspect. With my growing belly we've traded in our more rigorous hikes for leisurely ones around the neighbourhood, and it feels like that's the way we'll keep it for the time being. You've also been asking to ride your bike a lot, which you enjoy every facet of - especially wearing your helmet! You're getting so amazingly agile with the things you do, my little monkey.

To tell you the truth, as days slip away from us I'm getting more and more nervous. I feel an intense need to love and enjoy and relish every second we have together because soon our world will be different. Carrying your very big brother, my body isn't feeling at it's best and I've been dealing with a couple of weeks of intense back problems, which makes picking you up difficult - something you're not too keen on understanding. You love asking to be held like a baby when you're tired or stressed, so the fact that I haven't been able to as much as usual definitely affects you. Anyway, I've been really trying to put aside the pain and discomfort of this latter part of your brothers pregnancy to cuddle and play and love this last time together as just you and me. The day you were born I was changed forever, and every day thereafter I've been only your mama. I can't believe that will change so soon. I know that it's the best thing in the world and I know that our family will love and accommodate our newest little member, but it's also becoming very difficult to say goodbye to this special "us" time. So I will continue to love it and appreciate it and hold it as close to my heart as I possibly can.

Happy twenty nine months, Bowen Naomi!

I love you forever,

-Your Mama

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