Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thirty Five Months!

My big girl Bowen,

Here we are, just one month shy of your third birthday! Amazing, little baby! It feels like you just joined us, but when I look at you I'm amazed and proud of you and the lovely girl you've become.

This month has been all about structure. On top of your twice a week at school, you've also started music lessons and swimming again. At school you're thriving. It took you a bit to "break out of your shell," as Mrs. Symons, your teacher says, but now you seem quite keen on going. Every Tuesday and Thursday we wake up bright and early and walk to school together. I notice how you don't necessarily walk slow, but it takes a long time to get there. You stop to look at the ground, the trees, the street, the dogs, the other kids walking. Your sense of wonder and curiosity is awesome, and I love giving ourselves twice as long for these necessary observations and wonders of the world. It's easier to drop you off these days, and anytime we part ways lately you ask for at least "one hug and one kiss!" When we pick you up, you're just SO excited to see us and love showering us with tales of all of the exciting things you've done during your school day. I'm so proud and happy for you - you've come such a long way from not letting me out of your sight. You're growing up and changing, and I know that this does not come without growing pains for both of us. But you're doing it, and my heart just brims with happiness seeing you stretch your limits and horizons and see all of the new things you're able to do as a big kid. On Wednesdays we participate in our Music Together classes, with you usual teacher, Katie. You look forward to these days, as it's our last remaining class "together." Remember when all of our activities were joint ones? You're stretching out your wings, little one! At music you love doing "teamwork" when it comes to putting away the instruments, as well as strumming on Katie's guitar and giving her a huge hug at the end. While you tend to stay pretty quiet during class, I find you randomly belting out the songs during the week, so I know a lot of this stuff is getting in. And our living room dance parties at home are getting more fun as you get older! On Fridays we go to swimming lessons, and it's incredible how on these days it's never a problem to get you up and ready to go. You absolutely adore swimming, my little fish. This semester you're in "Jellyfish" and seeing your laughter and glee in your eyes as you swim is fantastic. You've been working on jumping into the water and getting your face in there as well. You really have no fear these days, my baby Bowen! Our weeks are all the same, but still filled with fun and laughter and excitement and I love that it's my job to do these things with you. You've even gone on a couple of sleepovers to your Gamma's house, and have done amazingly well being away from Mama and Daddy! We're so glad that you have family that is so loving and close. On our non-activity days, we try to make the most of our "down time," whether daddy is home from work or not. We go on walks, play at the aquarium, and often visit the library. I love the life we're making together.

More and more you're becoming interested in your multitude of toys, which is a good thing considering how much room they all take up in our small space! You love having tea parties with a lovely tea set your Gamma got you, and you're always certain to offer everyone seconds. You're getting better at putting things in their place, although you often time prefer to do "teamwork" to put things back. Understandably so! You love playing with any sort of dolls and stuffed animals, and like to say that you're "a good mama!" You walk them around in their stroller, cuddle them when they cry, and make sure they play in all the same little stations as your brother. It's funny how now that Baden has learned to roll over, all of your babies are learning to roll over too! At home you're always keen to jump into bed for a good cuddle, and are understanding the rules of eating at the table. Your appetite these days is pretty good, and although you certainly indulge in the occasional gummy or lollypop, your eating is quite varied and healthy. Your Dadu is almost gone, except for in bed. I know you have quite a strong attachment to it still, but I also know that it'll be fading away within the next couple of months.

I'm still amazed at what an incredible sister you are to Baden. You truly haven't experienced any jealousy issues at all, and in fact when I try to make time aside for just you, you always ask that your brother join us too! It's so sweet to watch you with him; you often tell him not to cry and not to worry, and you always jump at the chance to feed him or hold him. I'm so proud of you, baby monkey!

Your talking is getting faster and clearer, and you talk from the moment you awake to the moment you sleep. You have the cutest expressions, like, "Baden! I am so glad to see you!" and "What a nice day, Mama!" Oftentimes out of nowhere you start running around going, "Shadow! Where are you, shadow?!" which I have no idea where you picked up! The other day as we finished decorating the house for Halloween, you said, "Good job, mama! Give me a high five!" You make me laugh so much, my little Bono.

This month we gear up for your big birthday party; your first one out of the house where all your friends will be. We're looking forward to it! You tell anyone who'll listen that your birthday is in "No! Vember!" and I look forward to seeing how you react to all the excitement. Baby, you're the best daughter anyone could ever hope for. I'm thankful every day to be your mama.

Happy thirty five months, Bowen Naomi!

I love you forever,

-Your Mama

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