Monday, July 14, 2014

Fourty Four Months!

My sweet little Bowen Naomi,

What fun summer is with a preschooler! I bet I said the same about summer with a baby and then with a toddler, but your vigor and excitement for life, and summer in particular, makes it even more fantastic. This month we've enjoyed a more relaxed pace but finding myself exhausted at the end of the day, I wonder how it could be flying by so fast. We're already halfway through our first month "off," and I know that we'll be back into the swing of the fall before we even know it. I find it so important to slow down, sit, savour this magical time with you and your brother.

After you ended school, we began filling our days with fun summer activities. We've visited several different water parks, and made sure to try out some new playgrounds. We've been to Science World for the first time, and the sheer volume of things to see and do absolutely amazed you. We spent hours there and could have absolutely stayed for hours longer. We loved the Canada Day parade, and it fills me with joy that you never tire of parades - just like your mama! The past week was spent at "summer camp," which was put on by Sunshine Preschool - your regular school and your regular teachers. The theme of the week was camping, and you guys delved into all sorts of camping related tasks, like setting up tents, eating s'mores, taking about fire safety, and the usual fun school play. I was curious of how you'd react about doing school every single day, rather than just a couple of times a week and you absolutely took to it instantly! It was never a struggle to get you ready in the morning; every single day you just woke up, ate breakfast, and were ready to get going! I have no doubt that you'll be absolutely thrilled when you go back to school next year for three days a week, rather than your prior two. Each day for camp you said goodbye to me right at the door, and off you went. I love how you feel comfortable in that environment and am already looking forward to the next year at Sunshine. The teachers asked each kid at the end of the week what they would bring camping with them and your reply was "my blanket, stuffy, and pillow."

Aside from those activities, we've filled our days with fun, water, and sun. We eat dinner outside almost every day, and you love sitting on the steps and looking at the view as we eat. We splash in the pool, play on the slip and slide, and run in the sprinklers. We eat popsicles on the grass, watch the bees, and you spend the majority of your time naked. Summer is at it should be around these parts, and it's beautiful.

This month we've started a "responsibility chart" for you, where you get smiley faces for each day of fulfilling a particular responsibility. At the end of the week if you've gotten all of your smiley faces, you get to pick out a candy of your choice. The first week you picked out a lollypop the size of your head, and the second week was a stick of liquorice. I really wanted you to start doing more things for yourself, since it seems like me doing too much is getting a bit too comfortable for you! Your tasks this week are to dress yourself, to not whine, to pick up all your toys, and to use your pleases and thank yous. You love sticking on your smiley faces, and you have taken well to being reminded about your responsibilities. In addition to these big girl tasks, you love constantly counting to ten, helping a lot with baking, and teaching your little brother things like how to properly descend stairs.

I look at your long and lean body and I'm truly amazed. I'm amazed that so recently I could curl you up and you'd fit into the crook of my arm. That you came from me. That you've grown and learned, and these days you go out into the world as your own person. I'm amazed by you, baby girl. My love, you are a dreamer, a talked, and the joy of my life. Your wit makes me laugh and your cuddles make me melt. A Shakespeare quote makes me smile and think of you only: "Though she be but little, she is fierce." You are fierce, baby girl, and I could not be prouder.

Happy fourty-four months, Baby Bowen!

I love you forever,

-Your Mama

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