Saturday, December 11, 2010

One month today!

My little baby Bowen,

Happy one month birthday! It seems both like a lifetime and like no time has passed since you came into our lives. One month ago today, our whole universe changed and suddenly you were here.

The past month has brought so many changes that I can't even start to recount them. You started as a teeny little 6 pound 7 ounce little morsel and have grown into a real life nine pound baby! Every day you have more alert time where you look around, hold my hand, bob your head, and stare at everything in your sight. You've started sitting in your rocking chair and looking at the plants above your head, as well as enjoying tummy time on your animal mat. Every day you become more aware of the world around you and there's nothing nicer than you looking straight into my eyes as I feed you.

Your favourite activities right now are: sleeping, eating, kicking your legs, and laying on our chest. Your biggest dislikes are getting your diaper changed, feeling gassy, and bathing. You're really adapting and making your presence known to your brother, especially when you're up at night. Every day you make more little chirps and nosies and I relish every single one of them.

Watching my loved one go from being just that to being your daddy has been one of the greatest joys of my life. He loves you with all his heart, and things like seeing him chant "Baby versus food!" to you while you eat, to seeing him snuggle you in bed makes my heart melt into a puddle. You love lying on his chest and burrowing your head under his goatee, as if that's the safest place in the whole wide world.

My darling Bowen, I'm loving seeing you grow. Sometimes I find myself thinking, "Oh, I can't wait until you can hold your head up!" or "I can't wait until we enjoy reading together!" but then I take it back because those things will come, and not a second too soon. You're already growing so fast and I don't want to wish a second of it away.

Happy one month, my little baby!

I love you forever,

-Your mom

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