Friday, December 24, 2010

Six weeks

Yesterday we went to our "discharge appointment" with the midwives. It was bittersweet; it's great that we've gone through it all but sort of startling to realize how fast it's going already. Also, now we're on our own when it comes to Bowen's health so it's important that I'm well-read on anything and everything pertaining to my daughters' development. I asked about going for usual check ups to my/her family doctor and was basically told that doctors simply do visits on a per-need basis, rather than annual checkups or whatever. This means that unless something goes drastically wrong, we won't be seeing any doctors. Right now I'm struggling with the decision of immunizations and trying to digest the huge plethora of information there is out there regarding the topic. But now the good stuff! Bowen's progress:

Weight at birth: 6lbs 7oz
Height at birth: 20 inches
Head circumference at birth: 33.5 centimetres

Weight at six weeks: 9lbs 7oz - three pounds gained!
Height at six weeks: 22 inches - she's been called "tall and skinny!"
Head circumference at six weeks: 37 centimetres - growing, brain and all!

I know it's a good thing, but the fact that she visibly grows every day is startling. I know that she'll never again be as teeny as she is today, and that's kind of sad. We left the midwife's office, my little daughter and I, saying "See you for the next one!"

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