Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Two Months!

My loveliest Bowencita,

What a month we've had! We've had lots of firsts this month and you've continued to get bigger and cuter and happier.

We took you to see Santa, and spent our first Christmas as a family. Both Santas you saw were amazed by you, looking at you with wonder and thrilled to be a part of this very momentous "first." While you didn't seem as into your stocking as your brother was, I opened each item for you and held it up for you to see. I bet at this time next year, you'll be fascinated with the wrapping paper. We had our quiet little New Year's together - our first as a family of four - and you stayed up until midnight to ring in the new year properly! We watched the ball drop and drank champagne (except for you and Sandwiches!) and kissed each other and were happy and thankful for the year we had and excited for the year to come. Starting the new year with you was fantastic. Last year at that time we spoke jokingly of a hypothetical you, and now you're here with us.

This month saw your dad going back to work and us getting our little daytime routine settled. Running errands with you takes twice as long, but you're my little buddy and I love talking to you about everything we're doing. We've been going to the library together, and while you don't seem too interested in the story time yet, know that your mom is absolutely thrilled to be at such a fun place together. I've always been a huge fan of libraries, so getting to share this passion of mine with you is thrilling.

You've gotten taller and squirmier, and have been called "tall and thin" by the midwives. Speaking of the midwives: after giving us a clean bill of health a few weeks ago, we've been discharged from their care until "next time!" You're healthy and energetic, and every day your blue eyes get brighter and your hair gets redder.

Your favourite activities these days are lying in your crib and staring at everything that comes within your sight. When I set you down on the couch, you track me with your eyes, which leads me to believe you actually recognize me now! And the biggest best-est thing you've done this month? Well, my baby! You've learned to smile! You're definitely not generous with them, but when I get a smile out of you, it's the goofiest, gummiest grin that's ever existed. Certainly, the best way to start my day! You've been warming up to baths lately, and also to your brother who is as curious of you as ever. This month you've found your lungs, and god forbid I take too long to feed you, because you can scream with the best of them!

Happy two months my little baby!

I love you forever,

-Your mom

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  1. Sounds like a healthy lil one! Congrats again dearie :)