Friday, February 11, 2011

Three months!

My little Bowen Naomi,

Last night, on the eve of your three-month birthday, you slept right through the night. You got a deep, eight hour sleep for the first time ever, and I was so happy and excited for you. I, however, awoke at our regular feeding times to make sure you were still okay. I'm so thrilled about this new little skill of yours, and I hope this new habit is here to stay.

I can't believe that three months ago I gave birth to you. It's so weird, this baby time. It feels like forever ago, like so much has happened since you've been here and at the same time it feels like you've just always been here. You've only been around for a teeny fraction of my life but I can hardly remember what life was like without you. I love that we get to spend every day together; you're the first thing I see in the morning and the last at night.

Your month has been very exciting, my little baby. You got to meet your other grandma this month, making your family all that much bigger. Along with that, I left you for an evening for the first time and just barely made it through. The first hour was fine, but after that my heart hurt with missing you. I knew that it'd be good for us both to have a small break, but I missed you more than everything and my instincts were right when I came home and found out that you'd been crying. I don't think that we're ready for that huge step of leaving each other yet.

We've been very busy with activities this month. You seem more and more into story time at the library, and at our mother's group you look around at all the other babies and once in a while hold hands with a boy baby. You used to sleep through stroller fit, but now you watch your mommy do sit ups and check out all the bright lights in the gymnasium. You used to sleep through all our errands, but now the grocery store is interesting to you, since you're looking around and chatting away the entire time we shop. You're becoming so interesting and fun, my little chicken wing.

Half of your third month will be spent without your daddy, since he's gone back to working full time. While I'm nervous and a wee bit scared about us being so alone for so long, I know we'll be just fine in the end. It's challenging to take care of you, but it's the best job I've ever taken on.

Happy three months, baby!

I love you forever,

Your Mom

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