Friday, March 11, 2011

Four Months!

My little Bowen,

Happy birthday! One hand hand I feel like it can't possibly be only four months since you came into our life, and on the other, it seems like it just happened yesterday! You've come such a long way since that teeny little froggie and seem like an entirely different baby.

The biggest change that you've had this month, baby Bowen, is the talking. You absolutely love to talk. At first, you'd only babble to me - you'd go on for ages as long as I answered back. Eventually, you started babbling to your daddy, since he's so good at gurgling back responses. Now, you'll talk to anyone who'll listen. You wake up with a big smile on your face and right away your favourite thing to do is talk. I'm looking forward to seeing if this pattern continues when you learn your words.

We spent a lot of the month alone, since your dad had only about a week and a half between work stints. I'm getting so much better at juggling everything and our days together just keep getting more fun. Your favourite activities last month were sitting in your bumbo and helping me in the kitchen, reading books together, and swimming around in the bath tub. Last night I jumped into the bathtub with you, but you seemed so confused by the fact that you didn't get the whole tub to yourself! I'm looking forward to taking you swimming at the pool, because it totally seems like it'd be right up your alley.

You're getting so amazingly cute, my baby Bowen! I can carry you around in arms everywhere, and the way you hold onto my shoulder makes my heart melt. You look around at everything and everyone, making your dad say that you're "just as nosy as your mom." We went to the art gallery together and you quietly looked around all wide-eyed and inquisitively, just being happy to be at such an entertaining place. Even your tiredness is cute these days - when you mush your little face into my chest I know it's time for you to have a nap.

It's such an exciting privilege to watch you grow, my little Starfish. I feel so lucky to be in this moment with you.

Happy four months, baby!

I love you forever,

Your mom

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