Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Six months!

My little Bowen,

Happy six months, my little baby! As a five month old, you've been a very busy baby. You learn new things constantly and every day you amaze me.

When you were in your fifth month, we found our forever home. We took you to see it, sat in your new backyard and looked up at your new apple tree. I know you'll do so much growing and learning and living there, and I can't wait until our little family is happily settled. When you turn seven months old, we'll be moving in and for the first time ever, you'll have your very own room!

One day this past month you were placidly lying on your back, as you often did, and suddenly... you rolled over! You looked quite pleased with your new skill, and you've never looked back! Every time I turn my back you've rolled over and are looking at me with a very pleased look on your face. You've now started lifting your little bum up too, making me think that crawling is not too far off. Your rolling has given you a new sense of mobility and I can tell that you're trilled about it!

Also this month, you ate your very first food! Gone are the days of boring milk, as we embark on this exciting feeding journey. Your first food was baked sweet potatoes, and as soon as I set them before you, you knew exactly what to do! Your meal went not only straight to your mouth, but all over your face, hair, ears, and eventually the floor. You seemed to love your first meal, and nowadays you get quite excited when you're set into the high chair. The second food you got to try out was avocado, which doesn't seem to have as much excitement to it. You kind of scrunched your face at it, but nonetheless got a lot of it down!

As if that wasn't enough, you've also become quite a little chatterbox. You tend to learn a new noise and practice it over and over until it's perfected to your standards. Then, you come up with a new one and work on that one. You love looking straight at someone and just chatting and screeching away. You've been around a lot of people this month, and are becoming quite a little social butterfly. I can tell that you love being around other people and are never afraid to be held by others.

My little baby, I can't believe you've been on the outside for six months now. Half a year, you've been with us and I've never been happier! Watching you grow is amazing and no one can bring a smile to my face like you can. You are such a fantastically cute little morsel and are truly the light of my life.

Happy six months, my baby Bowen!

I love you forever,

-Your mom

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