Friday, June 10, 2011

Seven months!

My darling little baby,

Happy seven months! This year seems to be going by faster than any other. 

This month you've continued to grow and your personality is absolutely flourishing. It's incredible how happy you are, and how much you like to express that fact. You tend to begin your days with your excitable loud chirping, and the little yelps and screeches don't stop so long as you're awake. You've truly found your voice and you're not afraid to use it! Along with the joyful screams of happiness, you've added all sorts of sounds into your repertoire, such as, "Baba, mama, dada, haha," and the hilarious "pfffttttt," with your little tongue fully sticking out. 

Summer is fast approaching, so a lot of our activities are winding down. Having the warmer weather around has been lovely too, and you've been enjoying not being as bundled up as usual. You're as sweaty as your dad, so you're probably enjoying the lighter clothing. We've been walking a lot with your brother, and you seem quite keen on being in your stoller. This month you've really taken notice of your toys, and you love being surprised with ones that you haven't seen for a few days. You seem perfectly content to sit in your stroller, look around, and show your Sophie the sights. You've recently figured out that you can look up through the crack in your stroller roof and see me behind you! Looking up and cooing has become one of your cutest habits. 

This month you went to your first wedding, where you looked beautiful in your poofy dress and behaved like a champ. You also had your first plane ride, which you really seemed to like. We went off to visit your grandpa, whom you hadn't seen since you were two days old, and truly, he was charmed by your amazing cuteness. You so charm anyone and everyone you come into contact with, my tiny little baby. 

In your six month you've continued to try new foods, and so far your favourite are red peppers, cauliflower, orange slices, and blackberries. You're not into squash or carrots, and you're not afraid to throw those all over the floor. You fill your time by looking at yourself in the mirror and laughing, as well as with trying very hard to crawl. You've now managed to get up on your hands and knees, and sort of rock back and forth. You're rolling both ways, and also sort of scooting backwards. Mobility is here, baby! 

I could go on and on because you surprise me with new things every day! I really can't believe we're here already. Today, on your seven month birthday, we move into our forever home and I know this is the perfect place for you to grow up. More adventures to come! 

Happy seven months, my baby Bowen! 

I love you forever,

-Your mom

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