Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fifteen Months!

My little Baby Bowen,

Fifteen months already! I know I say this often, but time with you is just flying by. This month you've continued to flourish and our days with you are just getting more and more fun.

A couple of times during the past month your father has just looked at you and said, "I can't believe she's actually getting cuter..." Your personality these days is very much in full force. You're asserting your independence, and along with that comes a lot of shrieking! You really like to be left to do what you're doing uninterrupted, because anything that stands in your way gets shrieked at. And these tasks that you're so busily accomplishing? They range from climbing onto the table, to climbing onto the toilet, to climbing onto the couch, to basically, climbing onto every surface available. As usual, your absolute favourite activity is climbing! We try to make surfaces as safe as possible for you (except for the toilet; that one's absolutely off limits!) and the pride you beam with upon conquering your climbing quests is fantastic.

In terms of your cuteness, the most remarkable thing this month is your hair. In the span of a short month, you've suddenly got a full head of bouncy blonde curls. Everyone that hasn't seen you in a few weeks remarks on how long your hair has gotten! It seems like when you go to sleep, you focus a lot of energy on hair-growing! It's starting to get into your eyes a lot, but your dad insists that we should let it grow until at least the summer. You're still long and lean, but after the doctor's advice of encouraging you to eat more full fat cheeses and yogurts, you've definitely got a cute little tummy started!

We were at the grocery store last night, busily inspecting the apples while you sat patiently in the cart. A woman came up to me to say that she'd blown you a kiss and you blew one back! She interacted with you for a bit and then looked at me in the most sincere way and said, "You are so lucky." And all that was in my head and heart to reply was, "I know." I really truly know how lucky I am to have you for my daughter and there's not a day in which I take that for granted.

There are times when I look at you these days, my baby, and try really hard to take a picture of that very moment in my mind. I want time to stop, because so often I'm thinking, "This. It doesn't get better than this moment with you now." But then another moment happens and that's better yet. I'm trying so hard to not forget these amazing little moments with you, because all too soon you change and grow and it's time for another amazing moment. I still remember so clearly you being brand new and stopping to truly relish smelling your little baby-smelling head and thinking that it just doesn't get better. Well, Monkey, it does! And your head smells just as sweet.

My baby, you're sweet, and funny, and precious and no matter what's going on, you manage to bring a smile to our faces. I love how happy and social you are lately, and how your favourite word is now "up." Constantly you want "up;" on the couch, in my arms, just "up!" always. You're careening around the house with your walker, and with the wheely bug you have. You seem really ready to take off and walk, but you're still enjoying being supported by something or even holding my hand and walking around the house. I can't say that I'm altogether looking forward to the day when you won't need to hold my hand for walking anymore. You're doing great, Monkey!

Happy fifteen months, Baby Bowen!

I love you forever,

-Your mom

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