Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sixteen Months!

Dear Bowen Naomi,

Happy sixteen months! These days it's becoming more and more apparent that you are indeed a toddler and not a baby, and finally I seem to becoming accustomed to it. You amaze us every day with what you can do and understand, and truly you're a pleasure to be around.

We've had a lot of little milestones this month, my monkey. I must admit that for a very long time I've been quite worried about your lack of clapping. Clapping is an eight-month milestone, after all. I would admit it in hushed tones to those who would listen how I'm quite worried about your lack of clapping and got advice from very experienced moms about the subject. Actually, they didn't give me any advice - they just laughed at me because I was worrying about it in the first place. But just a few weeks ago, my love, you were sitting on the couch and suddenly you looked at me and clapped! It was timid at first, but with encouragement you kept going and even do it on command these days! It's important to remember: you're going to do things on your schedule and when you feel like it. And for now, baby, that's perfectly fine.

We just ended our third term of music class and will take a break though the summer and until September. This time around you didn't enjoy it nearly as much, prefering instead to be free to wander the rec centre at your leisure. You've been attending child minding for an hour a week, and there you really seem to thrive. That little hour per week is both of our special time - the only time we're really away from each other! I love walking by (so slyly, of course) and seeing how you're there doing activities all on your own. The teachers love having you there and always gush about what a lovely child you are. Last week when I went in to get you, you were sitting quitley in a chair eating a cookie. The teacher said that you'd been motioning towards the cookies, and she said to you, "If you go sit down, you can have a cookie." And off you went to sit down! You amaze me with how much you understand these days! Another big activity this month has been hiking. We got you a backpack where you ride up high on (usually) dad's shoulders. You've been loving seeing the beautiful North Shore trails and squeal with delight when we see another dog or a waterfall. Even on the days you're tired, we know that a good hike around the beauty that is our back yard is bound to make you happy.

These past few weeks your personality has continued to emerge, and you're just the absolute cutest thing ever. You love blowing kisses to people (at first I thought it was just to us at home, but even when we see goodbye to a cashier at a grocery store you blow kisses!), and also delight in singing songs. Every time we have music on, which is often, you bob along to the tune and quite often make up your own words to the tune of the song. You've been spending countless hours running around behind your wheely bug, climbing onto the couch, and trying to get a rise out of your brother. Your favourite words this month are "hi" "bye, "up," and "hug." When you're tired I ask if you want to "rest your head" and you immediately stop what you're doing and put your head to the floor.

This month we've been working a lot on walking. You're happy to cruise along, leaning against a wall, or a table, or a walking-toy. Lately you've become more comfortable holding on to just mommy or daddy's finger and leading us the entire house. Even at the mall or on the street, you much prefer walking while you're holding my hand than being held or going in your stroller. I know that you're fully able to do it, but as is your nature, you are taking your time and will do it on your own only when you've decided that YOU actually want to! And as for me, I like holding your hand as you walk, and am not keen at all to wish away this time.

You're a very "cautious" baby, my love. When you're set down into a new situation, you just take a few minutes to look around, acclimatize yourself, figure out the lay of the land, and only then dive in and proceed with partaking in the activities. In this, you remind me of me. The other day I had spilled many drops of water on the floor as I was frantically cooking dinner and you hurriedly grabbed the dish towel off the stove and proceeded to wipe it all up with a little sigh. In that you remind me of your father! In fact, even when you're finished taking a bath these days you proceed to put all your toys back into their proper buckets. It's so funny and wild to see little pieces of us shining through you.

This month you've been enjoying eating as a family. We've had two students for the past few months, and you make sure to develop a nice relationship with each one of them. You know when family dinner time is, and relish your little spot at the end of the table. Lately you've also started to enjoy sitting at the table like a big girl, and love it when the students share their breakfast with you. Your favourite food this month is turkey; no one could believe how much turkey you managed to devour. Not only that, but you were incredibly keen on the casseroles and soups that were leftovers. Altogether you're becoming a great eater, and really enjoy a wide variety of foods. Still, you manage to remain tall and lean, weighing in at under 21 pounds.

You're the light of our lives, Bowen, and we love watching you grow. You make me proud every single day, and sometimes I look at you and wonder how I got so lucky. I always remind myself to enjoy every second, for it passes way too fast, but then I realize that I so, so am.

Happy sixteen months, Bowen!

I love you forever,

-Your mom

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