Friday, May 11, 2012

Eighteen Months!

My Little Baby Bowen,

Happy half-birthday! A year and a half already, my love! Now that you're fully immersed in todderhood, life with you keeps getting more and more interesting and funny. You make me laugh and take joy in doing so, and you keep growing into this magnificent little girl. 

Your comprehension is incredible and we're both in awe of how just a blink ago you were a teeny little helpless thing and suddenly you understand absolutely everything we say. We ask you to get a book in your room and you love bringing over dozens, you go to your high chair, you go up and down stairs in the yard, you go investigate when your brother is missing. Everything we say, you understand perfectly. On the converse, everything we tell you NOT to do, you understand also! When we tell you not to put a piece of honeyed toast into your hair, or tell you not to climb onto the table, you're fully aware of what mommy and daddy have said. However, a big part of life right now seems to be to test these boundaries and rules, and you seem to be slowly but surely getting it. This month you've been trying so hard to talk and communicate with us, and I know it's really coming soon. 

Your favourite words this month are certainly "hi" and "dada." When we took you on a walk earlier this week you made a point of saying "hi" to every house we passed, and when you're walking around on your own you love when your hi's are reciprocated by everyone you greet. As usual, you've been absolutely obsessed with your dad, and ask for him from the moment you get up until the moment you go to sleep. Luckily he's been off work a lot lately, so you've been spending a lot of time in the yard with him, helping make our lovely planters. You're so fun to have outside with us while we work, and seeing you entertain yourself is amazing. You like walking up and down the path, climbing and descending the stairs, and every so often sitting in the grass. When you get a chance to walk the back lane, you run with delight picking up little rock treasures and greeting all the neighbouring houses. 

The most major milestone to happen this month, little one, is that you've started to sleep through the night! You'd been sleeping in your own bed for a while already, but getting up a few hours in to switch over to our bed. One night out of the blue, I woke up past five and couldn't believe that you weren't in bed with us! I went to check for you, and sure enough, you were sleeping soundly in your own bed. It's incredible that after almost a year and a half of sleeping in the same bed and waking up at all hours of the night, suddenly you're here going to bed and not waking up until the morning! Granted, your naps are shorter but this big stretch of sleep is making us all so much happier and more rested lately! You still curl up against me while you fall asleep, and you like to stroke my arm as you do so. You're the kindest and gentlest little thing, my baby monkey and we absolutely adore you. 

Everything changes so fast, baby Bowen. I savour every day and every moment, because all too soon they're gone. It sounds cliche, but these days I want to press a "pause" button on every moment. Every day you're growing and changing and learning new things. Today I took you on a walk, which was just that... you actually WALKING around our neighbourhood alongside your brother and I. It seems like such a little thing, but these milestones are adding up and here you are, becoming a whole little person. I'm filled with joy and pride at how you're growing and learning, but I'm also looking backwards a little bit at the teeny baby you were not so long ago. It goes to fast, my little one, and I'm not wasting a single second of it. A year and a half ago we were all together in the hospital, with you sleeping and me wide awake, high on the endorphins of giving birth and having you here to complete our family. Every day with you has been an adventure and a pleasure and I wouldn't change it for the world.

Happy 18 months, Bowen Naomi! 

I love you forever,

-Your mom

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