Monday, June 11, 2012

Nineteen Months!

My little baby Bowen,

Happy nineteen months! You're such a little girl now and are quickly leaving your babyhood behind. This month you continue growing and learning and sucking up everything about your environment that you possibly can. 

Your favourite activities this month are both reading books and parroting everything you hear. You try very hard to say everything you hear me saying, and your favourites right now are, "Mama, dada, Wichies, more, bottle, ball, cat, and cheese." You attempt to say everything you hear, and no word is too difficult to at least try out. Likewise with your books, you like trying them all out. You definitely have your favourites, and when you bring them to me and I begin reading, you clap your hands with delight and hunker down in front of me to give it your fullest attention. 

Another big pastime this month has been spending a lot of time at your "television," which is the front window of our house. As soon as you wake up you love standing behind the couch and facing the world, narrating everything you see. Sometimes you scream, "Puppa," with glee, and many other times it's "bird!!!!" but no matter who or what passes, it's to your absolute delight. 

Speaking of animals, in our trips to both Maplewood Farms and the aquarium this month, you've really shown the love that you have for animals. Of course, you've grown up beside Sandwiches and these days you love showering him with wide-mouthed, wet kisses. When we went to the farm, you loved petting the goats and the constant "gentle" that you hear when petting your brother certainly came in handy. You pet all animals with such a loving and gentle hand, as if nothing could make you happier. At the aquarium, although you didn't actually get to pet anything, you exclaimed with glee any time you saw anything; from a little salmon to a giant beluga. I love how happy animals make you, and how a "cat!!!!!" can be the absolute happiest part of a walk together. 

My little baby, seeing your likes and interests form is the most wonderful thing ever. Any time we have music on, you like to do your little baby dance, which is essentially shuffling back and forth. Lately I've also looked into the backseat as we're driving in the car, singing along to the radio, and you're animatedly clapping your hands. Your girlie-ness, too, comes through often. You always bring me hair clips or hair ties and show me where you want them in your hair. You love trying on my clothes and trying to model everything you possibly can as a hat. You sure love hats, baby Bowen! 

You're absolutely charming, my little monkey. You love cuddling and now when I ask if I can have a hug you crawl up into my lap and give the best and cuddliest little hug your 19 month self possibly can. Your dad loves asking you for kisses, and while you went from reluctant, to sloppy wide-open mouth kisses, now you love giving kisses complete with the kissing noise. You say "hi" and "bye" to everyone you meet, and make it known that you're certainly expecting a response. 

My little baby, I can't believe how much you're growing. These months keep flying by and our lives keep changing. Some days and weeks are long, but having you as my little companion makes everything alright. Watching you change, learn, and grow is the most amazing thing this mommy could ever ask for, and often all this mommy asks for is you. I love our days together and I wouldn't want to spend them any other way. 

Happy nineteenth months, Bowen Naomi! 

I love you forever,

-Your mom

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