Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Twenty Five Months!

My darling Baby Bowen,

This month came and went so incredibly fast. Suddenly I looked up from what we were doing and it was already the 11th again! I can't believe your big birthday was already a month ago, and all of the significant changes that have come along with that.

We've had such fun this month, baby monkey. You communicate with me more, and this enables us to more swiftly sidestep huge tantrums. When you get upset, I realize that it's not you trying to give me a hard time, but you having a hard time. I remember often that you're just like a little caveman; you're new here and you're learning the ways of the world. I try to give you space and patience often, and I think that in the end it truly pays off.

Early this month I was busy making the bed and you sauntered into the bedroom telling me that you had to pee. I casually told you to pee in the potty... and you did! This was something you'd never done before and you just sat down and did it like an expert! I was so proud and shocked, (I think that you were rather startled by the reaction!) but nowadays you absolutely love using the potty. You know you get a sticker and a treat when you use the potty and absolutely love doing so. You're excellent at your big girl peeing at home, and we're still working on moving that to the outside world, where you're still in diapers. But baby, am I ever proud! I really wasn't expecting you to start potty training this early, and when I left it up to you I saw you pick it up and lead the way in your own pace and in your own style. I'm so incredibly proud of you, my big girl.

This month your favourite activities are spinning in circles, running together, and reading your favourite book: "From Head to Toe." You love acting out all of the actions alongside the animals in the book, and I think you've actually memorized the whole thing! We finished up another semester of Music Together, and you've truly grown to love it. While at first you were a bit shy, you ended the class being fully integrated and looking forward to it each week. Your favourite parts are always the instruments and helping to clean up at the end. At Cypress Corner you've slowly been graduated to the older kid program and it's been an amazing transition to watch. Now you get to play outside with the rest of the kids, eat snack at the big table, and participate in circle time. Now instead of me coming inside to pick you up, the teachers pack you up and you walk outside to find me. I must admit, little one, sometimes your dad and I hide outside and watch you be a part of this little world of yours independently. We love watching you slowly warm up to your environment and it makes me tear up to see you loving your surroundings and participating in the world. With your once a week preschool, you love saying, "Bye-bye mama!" and often ask "More Bye-bye mama?!" It makes me really proud to know that I've raised such an independent little thing. Still, when you get anxious or stressed you immediately ask to "be a baby." You like to get into my arms and have me rock you and sing you your baby song. Nothing gives you comfort like being a baby in mamas arms, and it's something I'll never forget. Never do we cross over a body of water without you furiously waving out the car window and saying, "Hi, Daddy's boat! Hi, Daddy's boat!!!" You adore daddy and he adores you right back, my baby Bowen. Another fun pastime this month has been the pool. Every time we pull up to the pool you screech in delight and you absolutely adore spending as much time possible splashing around. We've been working on kicking in the water and even putting your head under! I know you'll feel quite comfortable once your swimming lessons commence next month.

A big highlight of the month has been Santa. Our first sighting was at his "arrival parade" at the mall. He walked up and down the corridors of Park Royal, where you caught several glimpses. Eventually I asked him to stop and take a picture of us, and Santa brifly held your hand. Wow, were you ever taken! You talked for days about Santa holding your hand and about how much you wanted to see him again! Later in the month you and I caught the Santa Claus Parade downtown, which was quite a treat. You're at prime "waving age," and you really enjoyed waving at everyone who passed. You and Santa crossed paths again when your Ganny took you to her Yacht Club, where you once again said, "Bye-bye mama!," ate yummy food, decorated cookies and crafts, and eventually... Santa pulled up in a boat! For days since you've been taking about how you got to sit on Santa's knee, showing me the baby doll he brought you, and practicing your magnificent Santa wave. The latest encounter was when we took Sandwiches to get his picture taken with Santa. Since there was no one after us in line, you simply sat next to Santa, staring at him wide-eyed. Every once in a while you'd ask him about his boots, or tell him about your "Mama, Dada, Titi" family. Watching your wonder in this season is truly magical and amazing, my little baby.

My love, several months ago we told you that mama had a baby in her tummy, and that you're soon to be a big sister. At first you were quite startled by that, asking often "Mama "um" [ate] at baby?!" but these days seem to really be really excited about the idea of becoming a big sister. Now that you can see my tummy grow, you love giving the baby kisses and offering it milk. You show whomever asks how you plan on hugging the baby when it arrives, and I know you're truly going to adore being a big sister. I absolutely can't wait to see you love the little being that comes into our lives next year. At the same time, I'm so aware and appreciative of the time we have together alone; it's been an amazing two years being together alone and while things will soon be different, I know they'll just get better.

Bowen, the day you were born I felt the entire world shift and you suddenly became the center. Watching and helping you grow is the most worthwhile thing I've ever done, and I've loved every minute of it. I can't wait to continue growing and changing as our family expands. We bring each other joy and laughter every single day, and I know with all my heart that it'll just continue getting better and better every day and with every change.

Happy twenty five months, Bowen Naomi!

I love you forever,

-Your Mama

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