Sunday, November 11, 2012


My beautiful Bowen Naomi,

You're two today!! Happy, happy birthday, amazing little light of my life! I can't believe that just two years ago you were born; we've lived so much together in this short time. We've learned and laughed, and really, really loved. I'm so proud of you for all of your constant learning and accomplishments and to be a standing here watching it happen makes my heart absolutely swell with love.

Goodness, I don't even know where to get started. The changes in you are staggering and incredible! This month you love talking. Everything starts with, "Mama? Mama? MAMAAAAAA!" and you absolutely adore describing the world around you. The other day a bird pooed on your head, and I think you've told me about it about a billion times. It goes something like, "Mama?! Mama! Mamamamamamama!" And I say: "Yes, my love?" and you said, "Bird! Poo! Head! Yucky!" and then point wildly at your hair. I ask you what happened next, and you say, "Mama! Bath! Soap! Hair!" Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to a caveman; but luckily a very, very cute caveman. You're really good as saying, "Thank you!" and I love hearing it from you unprompted. I've really been enjoying hearing about the world from your perspective. After music class you like to tell me about how you gave your teacher a hug, and after you spend time at Cypress corner you regale me with stories of playing outside. It's so neat and funny what a little communicator you are now, and even thinking about it now makes me smile.

This month you're still tall and lanky, but suddenly you're getting a bit of a tummy. Your hair is very curly and quite long, and generally messy. While you used to love getting your hair done, now you want nothing to do with it. Everywhere you go, it's generally running or jumping; moving slowly rarely happens anymore. As always, you're a cuddly little girl who always loves hugs and kisses from mama. Lately you've been extra cuddly though; I often wake up to find you sleeping directly on top of me! I don't know if it's the colder weather, or what, but you sure love being close to your mommy these days. My favourite is still when you run up to me, arms outstretched ready for a giant hug and a million kisses. I bet we've reached a million kissed in these couple of years, little monkey.

While you continue to absolutely love reading, this month you've also added singing to your favourite things to do in a day list. In music class you tend to be rather shy and reserved. You sit back and watch, and prefer to dance in my arms rather than on your own. But once we're home, or even back in the car, you repeat everything you'd been silently taking in. You constantly ask to sing along to "Katie's music," and love singing along and dancing around the house. Your favourite song is "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" and "You've got the love." And as usual, much of our time together is spent in your other favourite way: "Mama! Read! Couch!" You're also getting more into drawing lately. You love sitting in your chair and creating beautiful drawings. After every little bit you accomplish, you say, "Mama!" so I can look at the wonderful progress you're making. I absolutely adore putting up your art, always making sure that I write down the title of your piece exactly as you tell me to.

Today we had a little party to celebrate this exciting day, and my goodness little baby, were you ever thrilled to have such a celebration in your honour. All week you've been telling us that you're turning two, and since you've recently been to a few birthday parties of your peers, you knew all about the cake and singing component. When you woke up today you told me all about how people would sing the "happy" song to you, and how you were going to eat cake. You were a bit reluctant to get into your chair at first, but as soon as you saw the cake coming you knew it was your moment to shine. You beamed as we all sang you happy birthday, and the part you loved the most was blowing out your candles. You kept asking for "more" and "more!" so you ended up blowing out your candles about two dozen times. When your daddy brought out your gift, your eyes lit up and you absolutely squealed with delight! We've been reading a book about teddy bears riding bikes, and often you ask, "Me? Bike?" so when you saw your brand new red and black push bike you were as thrilled as thrilled could be. Now that you've been spending more time with family members you're becoming more comfortable in their presence. It takes you a while to warm up to people, my baby, but once you do, they're lucky to see the magnificent little girl that you are. Celebrating with some of them today was so much fun!

My Bowen Naomi, I hold your face in my hands and look at you and wonder how you got so big, so tall, so wise. When did this happen? Where did our time ago? Not so long ago the days seemed to last forever, and now they fly by - faster every day. I look at the happiness in your eyes and hear the love in your voice when you say "Mama!" a billion times a day. I tell you that I never want things to change from how they are now, but then they do, and then it's wonderful. I love you so much, and nothing brings me as much pride and joy as being your mama. I love you more every day; more than I ever thought possible.

Happy second birthday, Bowen Naomi!

I love you forever,

-Your mama

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