Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fourty Six Months!

My darling little girl,

Time is going so fast! We're already ten days past your monthly birthday and we haven't even stopped long enough to breathe and notice all the changes that abound before us. This was a big month of change - summer wound down and slowly we're settling back into our routine.

We ended the summer with visiting your Gamma and Poppa's boat, where you did all sorts of exciting things like catching prawns, crabs, and shiners. You loved boat life and getting to spend some time with those near and dear to you. We finished up summer by enjoying some beach days, some parks, and soaking up as much of the summer as we possibly could. We visited the library often, where we participated in your very first summer reading club. You picked up garbage from the streets, talking often about how it's not nice for the Earth to be covered with litter. We stopped watching movies, and with the extra bit of free time you had, you've learned to entertain yourself by riding your trike in the front of the house and playing with your brother. You requested yet another trip to Science World and loved absolutely every minute. There's so much for you to see there, and it's so much fun to take you! We talked a lot about the upcoming school year before it began, and once it finally arrived, I knew you were ready to take it on.

The day that you went back to Sunshine Preschool was wonderful. You were absolutely thrilled to be returning to some familiar faces and excited to meet "new friends," as you say. You gave me a quick goodbye and were off looking like you felt right at home. When we picked you up, both teachers told us that you'd talked their ear off about how your summer was and then recounted to me exactly what it was that we'd done all summer! Your enthusiasm for life is amazing, my love. It's truly incredible to see the changes in your from this year to last, and when I was talking about it with one of your teachers it actually brought tears to my eyes. She reminded me that it's also "an age thing," this growth in you. Last year you barely wanted to stay and you had a hard time adjusting. These days you're eager to get into a new situation and you don't mind at all being left with others. You're keen to open up and talk more, and love sharing things about your life with those who will listen. Last year your coat-hook photo was grumpy and obviously taken under duress, and this one could not be more opposite - you're radiant and beaming. I love seeing you grow and change and become this incredible little girl.

You have also started Fresh Air Learning, or "Outside School," as you call it. It takes place in Lynn Canyon, which is an amazing forest filled with beauty and wonder. You've grown up experiencing the North Shore mountains, so what an excellent venue for you to continue your schooling this year! So far you love your teacher and everything that Outside School allows you. In these two hours you're allowed to play with sticks and stones and mud, to jump into log stumps and climb as high as so want (so long as you can you can get down!) and you're thriving in this environment. Your teacher comments on your engagement in the class, and it's wonderful to see you in your element.

As well as your schools, you've also started your next set of swimming lessons. This term you're a Killer Whale - you're at the highest level you can be at for your age! I must admit that it's not always easy to get us out to lessons, and there's a lot involved in everyone being ready on time, but at this point we're two years into your swimming carreer and I'm impressed at how much you've learned and how comfortable you are around the water. You love going and seeing the joy in your face at the pool makes every tough instance of getting out of the house well worthwhile.

My girl, I love your vigour for life. I love it when you run up to me and say something random and hilarious like, "Mama! I love monkeys! I really love them!" or when you see something great and say, "That's fantastic!" with the most enthusiasm I've ever heard. I love that no matter what, you can find the moon in the sky, and that your favourite conversation topics as of late are about the owies on your knees and your latest poop in the potty. I love your bravery, and your desire to climb trees. I love that you ask, "How do you know that?" at every question I answer, which makes me think about exactly how I know that, indeed!

Some days are tough, and some days are long. But like they say, the days are long but the years are short. Not too long ago you were mumbling "apple" as your first word, and now you're teaching Baden how to talk. And speaking of Baden - some days you love pushing him down when he totters along, but just as often you're helping him up, showing him how to safely look both ways on the street, and hugging his head. You love life, and I love life with you.

My heart burst with love for you, my Baby Bowen, and I can't wait to see the adventures that we'll embark on this coming school year together.

Happy Fourty Six Months, Bowen Naomi!

I love you forever,

-Your Mama

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