Thursday, November 13, 2014


My sweet Bowen Naomi,

This is four! Here we are, with four entire years behind us. The time we've known each other seems so vast. So much has changed in this time, and it seems incredible that you've only been in our lives for four years. You're a child now - the babyness, toddlerness, preschoolerness of you is rapidly slipping away, and here is little girl Bowen with so much to think and do and say. It's incredible and it makes my head spin.

I don't even know where to begin.

Bowen at four is chatty, smily, and beautiful. Bowen is smart, and funny, and loud. Bowen loves being outside, no matter the weather. She cares about the earth and talks constantly about taking care of it. Bowen has grown from a little shy baby to a confident and quick-to-speak little girl, and I couldn't be more proud.

Our days have become quite busy lately, between preschool, forest school, swimming, and all of the other fun events and activities that fill our days. You love going to both of your schools and I love hearing all about it once you're done. These days there seems to be no separation anxiety at all, and you're quite quick to break off from me and join your friends and teachers. In the forest, I love seeing you in your element and when you begin to refer to the trails of Lynn Canyon by name, I know we've found our people. In swimming you've been working a lot on your forward glides and have been making huge leaps in your water abilities. We've been inundated with birthday parties lately, and you love any chance to play with your friends outside of school. You love saying happy birthday to your peers, and are always excellent about thanking the hosts for inviting you.

It's hard to get down into words all of the facets of your personality, my love. Lately you love joking around and think that farting and burping are both hilarious topics of conversation. You've been asking a lot of questions lately, ranging from birth to death to dinosaurs. You're excellent at entertaining yourself and finding things to play with at home. These days you dress yourself entirely and love being in charge of what you wear.

Last month you got to experience the joy of Halloween, and from the moment we began to decorate the house in preparation for it, you loved talking about "spooky" things and all of the candy you'd attain trick or treating. You chose to be a garden gnome this year, and got a thrill out of telling everyone that you were a "gnomy." Thanksgiving, also, was a great event where you were thrilled to be spending time with your family and eating turkey. We're so lucky to have so many we love close by.

The biggest event lately, of course, has been your birthday. For the first time we chose not to do a big party, and when I asked what you'd like to do for your birthday, you asked to go get a slurpee with your family. As a gift, you asked for a robot and as your special meal you requested a turkey dinner. I loved putting together everything you'd asked for - it's so neat to see your choices and preferences and the things that you ask us for speak so much to your personality and to the little girl that you've become. We've been lucky to have your grandparents around a lot more this fall, and you were thrilled to have them with you to eat your special dinner and to help you blow out your candles. Seeing your happiness in blowing out four candles and making a wish is amazing. I love you so much and I love seeing the joy in your face and in your life.

My love, in the blink of an eye you have grown so much. You care so much about the world around you. There's seldom a day when I'm not pulling rocks or pinecones out of your pockets, or that you're not enjoying your newest sticker obsession. I love your observations on the world and seeing life through the eyes of a four year old. You're the best cuddler I know, and when your dad is home you're asking him to cuddle constantly with you. Your joy and passion for life is contagious, my Bowen.

I love you so much, and I love seeing you grow. I can't believe we're standing at four merely the blink of an eye after that drizzly November morning when you came into our lives. I can't wait to continue this adventure by your side.

Happy fourth birthday, Bowen Naomi!

I love you forever,

-Your mama

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