Monday, September 27, 2010

For posterity

-Our baby shower was incredible; I can’t believe how many people came and partook and how many people this baby will have in her life. Everyone was so kind and generous and I’m still in disbelief about the presents everyone showered us with. I’m really not good in settings with lots of people and when I mentioned that to a friend who was there she said, “These are all the people who love your baby already!” and it sunk in that it’s all for her. I felt really lucky and thankful to everyone who was so kind and generous. Now, baby girl has four boxes of clothing, tons of toys, shoes, and everything else she could possibly need. So exciting!

-We purchased our stroller! We got the Mountain Buggy in black, along with the carry cot bassinet thing, and I have to admit it looks really, really cute. We walked out of the store and both pushed it around the parking lot for a while, making sure it looked good. It’s already set up and eagerly awaiting baby! I’m glad we got it set up already, as the new plastic is fairly stinky and I don’t really want her smelling that weird smell. Toby keeps asking to put Sandwiches in it, but I don’t know if he should really get too accustomed to acting more like a baby than he does now, since his time to step up and be a big brother is coming soon.

So, thanks to being literally showered with everyone’s kindness and generosity, this baby is good to go in terms of material things. She even has two Sophies, so she’s indeed a very lucky girl. Now I can’t wait to see her wearing all these cute little things and playing with her new toys. Not too long now!

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