Thursday, September 16, 2010

This and that

A few things before I head off for a long time:

-Our last midwife appointment was great. Again, we got the better of the two options and she excelled at answering all of our questions. She even validated Toby’s questions and concerns about what footwear was appropriate to wear during delivery (wtf, right?) and assured us that everything is coming along nicely. Although baby’s heartbeat is really close to my belly button, the midwife is fairly certain that baby is already head down. This will be confirmed in the next appointment.

-This is my last day at work until September 27th! Hooray! For those who are counting, that brings my total days left of working down to 25! Amazing! Lately I’ve just been getting so bored and tired with being here all the time, and just feel like my time could be so much better spent elsewhere. Like, getting ready for our baby.

-Tomorrow is my birthday. I’m bringing in number 28 in exactly the way I want to. How lucky is that?

-Saturday is our prenatal class! So many baby things happening lately! I was super bummed yesterday because they sent me a quick email saying, “Class got cancelled, please reschedule.” I was fairly annoyed, because with someone who’s only here half the time such a thing is not so simple. I’d scheduled this particular date because we were both on vacation and it’s the only date I knew for certain that we’d be able to attend. Anyway, after much bitching and pleading, they squeezed us into an already-full class. In Delta. So, we have to drive an extra 45 minutes, but at least we’re getting our class in!

-Sunday I have my baby shower. I’m really not a baby shower person and can’t even remember the last time a party was had for something relating to me. Buuuut, it’s very important to some people, so I will make the best of it. At the very least, it’s a good opportunity to see people I haven’t seen for a while and that I will not see for a long time after having baby.

-I was just sitting here, bouncing on my computer chair, and in my pants found a chocolate covered peanut that I lost this morning. I ate it and it was delicious. Yup. This is my life.

-On Monday we’re off on our Babymoon – our last child-free vacation! I can’t even believe it! Even when our babies grow up and they stay with someone else so we can vacation alone for a few days, we’ll never be a childless couple ever again. It’s so baffling to think about. Anyway, for our last vacation we’re heading to Southern Washington to stay in a yurt for four nights. I’m so thrilled about a vacation with my loved ones. Sandwiches, especially, really loves doing things that are camping related because he thinks it’s pretty cool to be outside all the time.

So, that is life. Really great, I must admit. Have a happy September!

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