Monday, September 13, 2010


It’s the thirtieth week! Wow! This is the last week of the seventh month of pregnancy! While on one hand I feel like I’ve been pregnant for an eternity, a bit of my brain feels like this is all going by too quickly. This week finds baby weighing in at three pounds and is about 17 inches tall. She’ll slow down in gaining height right now and focus instead of gaining weight at about half a pound per week. She’s swimming around in about a liter of amniotic fluid, which will steadily decrease until that fateful day when she finds herself getting all dry and being evicted from my uterus. Her skin is getting increasingly smooth while her brain is developing all sorts of ridges and grooves where her knowledge and information is stored. I continue my life of constant heartburn and discomfort, but by now I’ve grown pretty used to it. Sandwiches seems to be increasing his excitement about meeting his baby sister: lately he smooshes his head against my belly and purrs. Maybe he can hear her?

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