Friday, November 5, 2010

Good things are coming!

It seems as if we passed our home visit with flying colours this week. When the midwife arrived, it didn't really seem like she was looking in corners for dust bunnies, but Toby is convinced that she was doing so - just discreetly. The actual appointment was just like any other, except with Sandwiches begging to come inside to smell the midwife's bag, and us sitting comfortably on our own couch. The baby is truly making her way down now, and we're told that she's pretty much "engaged" in my pelvis at this point. We also finalized some of the last remaining details of the birth plan and decided to keep the placenta (much to someone's chagrin.) We're all on the same page regarding medication during pregnancy and I think Toby's finally decided on his choice of footwear for the event.

All in all? I think we're pretty much ready. Also? There's really no going back now.

I'm sitting here all surprised that a whole entire week of maternity leave has flown by already. I've had the opportunity to get some important things done - many freezer meals, some thank-you cards, important lists. Also, I've done things to simply make me feel pretty and better - nails, toes, wax, haircut. I think it's important to get the physical aspect of things complete, along with all the actual nitty gritty logistics.

Not too interesting, these days. Still, I really want to document that this pregnant time was such a good thing and that despite it all, I'm really going to miss it!

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  1. Ha! Chagrin is definitely not the word I would use.