Monday, November 8, 2010

Thirty Eight Weeks!

I'm sorry to report that week 38 is not much more exciting than week 37. Baby has basically grown everything she's going to grow and done everything she's going to do in utero, so there's not much left to do for us but wait. She probably weighs about six to eight pounds at this point, and is about the same height as last week. All her growth from this point forward is only in a little fat layer, rather than in new organ mass or height.

Last week I was having all sorts of pre labour pains and feelings, but things have been pretty quiet on the uterus front this week. Now that I'm rested and de-stressed from actually getting things accomplished, baby seems to be enjoying her time in there more. I think both of us are getting a bit bored and very much looking forward to meeting our little girl. This afternoon a six month old baby girl spent some time here while Toby and a friend moved around furniture, and Sandwiches quietly sat beside her and let her pet his head and pull his ears. I think he too is absolutely ready for his little sister to arrive!

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