Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Twenty Months!

My precious little Bowen,

Here we are, twenty whole months into your life! We leave the "teens" with some sadness and wonder at the all too quickly passing time, but also excited for all the big changes ahead. 

This month you've been learning to talk and have an insatiable desire for new words. You can repeat everything I say to you, and make your needs clearly known. Your favourite words this month are "cheese," "car," and a very important one: "no." Your "nos" are incredibly cute, but also quite helpful in distinguishing exactly what it is you want. I must say, coming from two rather stubborn parents, you have not fallen far from the tree! Lately when I call "Witches!" while we walk, you make sure you call him too. You love pointing out every single "Car!!!" when we walk, and when I tell you to get in the car you know exactly what to do. You love to tell me when you need to either pee or poo, but while you enjoy being seated on the potty you still would rather go in your diaper! All in due time, baby monkey! Communicating with you is incredible and amazing and makes this amazing journey all that much more fun. 

This month we've been enjoying the warm weather, and spending a lot of time outside. You love our walks to the park, and playing to exhaustion on the swings and slide. It's all that much better if you get to walk there with a popsicle in hand! We took you on your first camping trip this month, and although it was quite cold and rainy, you had a wonderful time. The first little while was filled with "uck" as you got your hands quite dirty on the ground, but eventually you learned that you could simply wipe them off. We all snuggled into the tent that not so long ago only fit mommy and daddy and Sandwiches, and got a wonderful sleep listening to the rain fall. 

You're the sweetest little girl, Bowen. You're the only person in this whole wide world that loves hearing me sing, and singing always ends with demands for "more! more!" You sing along with music, and like always, enjoy nothing more than a good dance-off. You're very kind to your stuffed animals, often asking me to put them in diapers. Lately I've seen you offering them all food and milk, and even sharing your very beloved pacifier with them. Yesterday I noticed that things were a bit too quiet while I was showering, and when I looked out you were very happily giving your pink bear a bath. You're absolutely adorable, and not a day goes by that you don't make me laugh. 

This month you suddenly started calling your dad "daddy," and I'm still "mama." You love getting on the bed and saying, "Mama! Daddy! 'Itches! UP!" meaning that you'd like everyone to join you for some cuddle time in bed. When bed time does come, we've said farewell to the bottle, but you still love your cuddles and plenty of stalling time by making sure you've pointed out your eyes, nose, ear, hair, belly button, toes... all while it's way past your bedtime!

Baby Bowen, you are magical. My heart grows every day and when I don't think I could love you more, it turns out I was wrong. We have an incredibly exciting month coming up, filled with fun things and plenty of family to reconnect with. I'm thrilled that you're here with us and so happy that you're here for our family's most precious and important moments. 

Happy twenty months, Bowen Naomi! 

I love you forever, 

-Your mama

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