Saturday, August 11, 2012

Twenty One Months!

My precious little Baby Bowen,

Happy 21 months, my little monkey! We've had a full and exciting month together and I can't believe the summer is almost gone. We've absolutely enjoyed it to the fullest, and I realize how different it is from last, and how different it will be from the next. 

This month you've continued to come into your own - you know what you want and what to do to get it. The month was full of exciting events and new experiences. First of all, your parents finally went ahead and got married. This was really exciting for you, since you had a steady stream of friends, family, and visitors to play with. You spent a lot of time with your grandma, and reminded us of what a fiercely independent kid you are. You guys visited the farm and did a lot of exploring together, and aside from asking for your parents once in a while, you were perfectly happy to spend time with new people. At the wedding itself, you got to travel on a boat with your aunt, and you looked beautiful in your yellow dress. You got to have a day at the hairdresser, and while your first haircut is still in the works, you liked getting all pretty for the big day. Now I'm happy to say that our entire family shares the same last name! 

We spent a few days at the cabin where your daddy grew up, and you were absolutely taken with it. You loved the chance to run around in the heat, and became quite a little water baby. You'd wake up from a leisurely nap and the first word out of your mouth was always "Wara," (water) and you swam in the ocean time and time again, not minding the cold. The beach was also endless fun, with all the sticks and rocks to play with. 

Once all the excitement of the month had died down, we got back into a routine at home while continuing to enjoy the warm weather. Now you know that you must wear a hat when you're outdoors, and you've reluctantly warmed up to it. You spend a lot of time wandering in the yard, and the look on your face when we pull out big carrots from our garden is priceless. We've been doing a lot of gardening, baking, and even some canning. We're enjoying our home to the fullest, and nothing makes it more beautiful or wonderful than doing so with you at my side. The other day when I was getting tired after making several zucchini loafs with you playing underfoot, it all hit me. This is it. This is what I wanted from life, and here it is. You, our beautiful family and home, this life... This is all I've wanted, and here it is. I really feel like the luckiest mama in the whole wide world. 

This month you've learned several new things. Your vocabulary continues to grow at a rapid pace, and each time you say a new word I'm blown away at how fast you're learning. You love listing off what you'd like to eat, as well as telling us who your family is: "Daddy, mummy, 'itchies." You run more than you walk; arms flailing and feet pattering. You laugh really loud when we do, and it's become apparent that you come from a very cuddly family. You always dole out hugs when asked, and when your dad asks if you'd like a kiss, you instruct him on where you want it - be it forehead or tummy, or arm. You ask for us to return to bed often for some lounging time, and love sitting back and reading piles of books with me. Now when it's time to go to bed, I tuck you in, spend just a few minutes there, and then leave the room. You putter around for a few minutes, and then put yourself to sleep - quite a huge change from months prior! You received some baby dolls as a gift, and take good care of them, making sure they're always fed and bathed. Little baby, you're a miraculous little thing and teaching you things and experiencing life with you is my single greatest joy. 

Now, my Bowen, we'll round out the summer by spending a lot of time at the beach and at the park. Soon you'll be back to your activities in the fall, and I can't wait to see you trying new things. Your dad is heading away for most of the month, so while I'm nervous about you being without him for so long after having so much time together, I'm sure we'll get through it as we always have. I know you'll miss him, and that he'll miss you, but hopefully it'll pass quickly. Baby Bowen - continue to thrive, and learn, and grow and I'll continue to delight in the ride. 

Happy birthday, Bowen Naomi! 

I love you forever,

-Your mom

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