Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Twenty Two Months!

My little baby Bowen,

Here we are, nearing the second year and I'm still astounded at how much you learn and grow each day. For twenty two months you've been the centre of my world and making me smile constantly.

We've thoroughly enjoyed the summer, and had the perfect place to do it surrounded by the beauty of our backyard. You constantly ask to play with "wara" (water) and many afternoons have been spent splashing around the frog pool and water table. Our walks are filled with blackberry picking, and there seems to be few things you enjoy more than me handing you fresh berries while you're strapped to my back. We've also had a bountiful garden season, and have spent a lot of time picnicking in the back, enjoying tomatoes off the vine or a warm fig together in the sunshine. You delight in our garden; you love eating things straight from a tree. These last few days you've been helping me clean up under the apple tree, now that the apples have begun to fall. Like always, you love neatness and order, so putting bad apples into the yard waste basket is quite the exciting chore. You've also been up and awake to help me with tasks in the kitchen, and we've even made a few zucchini loafs together! As you grow, including you in our daily tasks has become so much more fun and exciting, little monkey!

Your words this month are fantastic; you surprise me with new ones daily. The other day as we left the gym you asked me, as clear as day, for some ice. I didn't even know you knew what ice was, let alone how to say it! You have so many words that I've lost count, but your favourites lately seem to be "train," "puppy," "baby," (which you utilize often when you need to be comforted and held like a baby) and "Titi," (your brother). You've even began to string together words, like "More cheese!" and "Help, please!" The daily progress and changes with your language and vocabulary are incredible and I love seeing you change.

This month you had your first haircut, which was quite the milestone! I was weary about doing it (as was your daddy) but I eventually sucked it up and took you in. I wanted some way to keep your hair out of your eyes without constantly having to put it up - something you're not too keen on these days. The stylist didn't want to give you bangs, and I should have known that! With your wild curly hair, she just took off a little bit all around which made your baby mane a little more manageable. You loved sitting in the car-shaped chairs and felt very fancy getting all styled up. We even got a little envelope with your first baby hair to keep, as well as a "first haircut" certificate. Now you're looking more and more like a little girl, and your baby-ness is getting quickly left behind.

Little Bowen, some days you are testing me constantly. You are smart and willful and stubborn and funny - sometimes you seem like the the perfect mix of your dad and I. I see each element of us coming through in you and it makes my heart burst with pride that we made you; that you are little bits of us. I really stop and think about these days often, because I know that they won't be forever. I'm so, so lucky to get to enjoy you every day; every step of the way. I'm so lucky and privileged to be alongside you for your first years, your important milestones, your day to day knee scrapes. I'm with you every day and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Some days seem tough and overwhelming, but at the end of the day I know I'm doing the most important job in the world.

My baby monkey, on we embark into another fall season. Your activities are starting again, and we're moving back into a good daily routine. We have two students living with us right now, and you absolutely adore playing with them and spending time in their rooms. Seeing you play and interact with others is incredible; I'm seeing you learn to be a whole person away from you mama. Slowly your little world expands, but I'm relishing each change alongside you. I cannot wait to see what the next few months bring.

Happy twenty two months, Bowen Naomi!

I love you forever,

-Your mama

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