Thursday, October 11, 2012

Twenty Three Months!

My little baby monkey,

Here we are, enjoying the last month of the "ones" immensely! Seemingly just yesterday we were dreaming big dreams and hoping big hopes for your life, and now here you are being an amazing little thing and making us laugh each day. It seems like so long ago that you were born, yet it also seems to have passed in an instant. Such a funny thing. This month has been fantastic in terms of your development and watching your personality continue to form and shine is amazing.

This month has been a good one, as we've been loving the fall and settling back into our little routine. We've started our activities up slowly, and get out of the house bright and early and Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You've continued with Cypress Corner, where you play and learn for a little over an hour each week. You love Joan and the other teachers, and your face lights up when I tell you you're going to "school." Each morning you see me making lunch for the students and ask, "Me, school?" It's awesome watching you learn in your this little environment that is your own. They've been gradually increasing your time there and you've started joining in on the "big kid" activities, as soon you'll be in the two year old group! On Wednesday we've gone back to Music Together. It's been interesting for me, because I really see your personality shining through there. You're incredibly shy and cautious, my baby. You truly stand back and observe before jumping into things, which hugely reminds me of me. You take your time to settle into a situation and want to really know what it's all about before you feel comfortable. When music first started you really took your time acclimatizing and now seem to be integrated into the program. You've started singing along a little, bouncing around at dancing time, and clapping along with the rest. Your favourite parts are the shaker eggs, and also hugging Katie, the teacher, at the end of the class! It's really important for me to remember that you need to take your time, and that there's no sense pushing you into something before you're ready. On Thursdays we've gone back to the library story time; a fun activity you attended for the whole first year of your life. The whole way to the library you generally keep asking, "Read?! Read?!!!" Seeing you at the library, little baby, absolutely makes my heart burst with joy. You love it there; you walk in with sureness and confidence and pick out a book for us to read together. When the librarian calls us over for baby time, you practically sprint and settle into your spot. Often you want to take your shoes off, and just as often you want to keep your jacket on. When a book is read you like to stand right in front, just to make sure you don't miss anything. I love it! I'm thrilled that you're becoming as passionate for books and learning as your parents are. The rest of our time together is spent hiking, going to the gym, and doing our usual life errands. Recently we were enjoying a walk and a Pinkberry together, and you just looked at me and said, "Mama... I'm happy!" It's these things that life is made of.

This month your vocabulary is slowly but surely coming along. You've certainly added more words to your lexicon, but the biggest change has been the huge increase in two-word sentences. Now you love saying, "Bye, Titi!" when we walk out the door, and just as often you say, "I poo!" Your favourite words to use this month are "Me" and "I" as you're coming into yourself and developing who you are in contrast to me, or to the rest of the world. We've been told that your vocabulary is on the low end of the average spectrum, while your understanding is above average. With this information I've made the conscious effort this month to encourage more words and talking, and while I have no doubt that you understand absolutely everything I say to you, we're also making a big push for you to talk back. Seeing you becoming this communicating little creature is one of the greatest things I've ever experienced.

Other highlights of your twenty second month include seeing you become a true big sister to your brother Sandwiches. You absolutely love telling him what to do, be it to go outside with you, or to cuddle you in bed. You love snuggling up to him in the kitchen, and often the first question when you wake up from nap is to ask where he is. When I'm in the middle of doing something and can't read, you grab your animal book and read to Sandwiches instead! You love giving me big hugs and when I see you with your little arms outstretched, my heart absolutely melts. You are love personified, baby. I've burst out laughing many, many times in the car lately, as I still have the bad habit of often turning around to see that you're okay. Not exactly the most safety-concious driving on my part, but perhaps absolutely worth it when more often than not I catch you dancing up a storm in your car seat! You love dancing in the car, as well as making up little songs about "daddies" and "puppies." You continue to be the cutest little thing that I ever did see.

Love of my life, things are about to change. I see big things coming up in our lives, and I know that we'll both rise to the occasion. I've learned with you how much life changes; blink your eye and the world has changed. I love seeing the changes through your eyes and with you. I'm loving our lives and can't wait to see what our incredible future brings. We'll celebrate every little thing this month, as we wrap up the last of the "ones." Onwards and upwards we go, Bowen!

Happy twenty three months!

I love you forever,

-Your mama

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