Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Growing a baby, loosing my mind

More and more, I’m doing absolutely ridiculous things. I’m not the type to forget stuff or trip or drop things, but apparently we’re welcoming in a new era. In the past month and a half, I’ve managed to:

-Set off my car alarm four times. Prior to this, I had not even the remote clue that my car even has an alarm. The first time it happened I just stared at Yoshi the Yaris like, “Huh? Why are you doing this?”

-Drove over a bridge on my way home, only to realize ten minutes later that there are no bridges on my way home and that suddenly I’m driving around East Vancouver for no reason.

-Baked a wheat-free cake, iced it, cut it, and put it in my fridge. I forgot to eat it and now it’s gone off.

-Dropped a thousand things a thousand times.

-Came up with the perfect middle name for our daughter and then promptly forgot it.

Plus, I just get more huge by the day. I’m pretty sure I’ll start pulling things into my orbit any minute now.

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  1. Gotta love pregnancy brain! Hehe! And I love that your dog's name is Sandwiches. One of the best pet names I've heard!

    Thanks for your nice comment at my blog! I am right crap at commenting back and my blog platform is stupid and doesn't have comment replies which further hinders my efforts to be a polite host and respond in the rare occasion that someone actually comments! Which is my long-winded version of saying thanks for stopping by!