Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On being girly

The other day I was sitting on the couch painting my nails when Toby asked, “What’s with you today?”
“What do you mean,” I asked him, knowing fully well that he was referring to the fact that I was painting my nails black.
“You’re all goth now? You’re feeling emo today?”
I just wanted to paint my nails black because I thought they looked cool, but it brought on a discussion about what mommies do and do not. Apparently, they do not paint their nails black. Red and pink are fine, but not blue or black. Weird, hey? These concepts he has? This whole thing is we’re embarking on is the biggest learning experience ever for both of us.

During the weekend I had my second pregnancy massage and it was absolutely fantastic. This time I actually had the foresight to arrive early so I could be all luxurious in my fluffy white robe while eating dried kiwis and prunes and drinking roiboos tea out of a champagne flute (really). I even stepped into the eucalyptus steam bath for a few minutes, even though it’s kind of a no-no for pregnant people; it just smelled soooo good. This time I had the foresight to request a woman – her name was Britta and she looked like she should be giving massages. She was absolutely wonderful and I was able to actually relax during my massage, which is totally unlike me. I think baby girl really enjoyed it too; she wiggled around constantly while we were there. I think there’s more of these in our future!

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