Monday, August 23, 2010

Twenty Seven Weeks

Twenty Seven weeks! One hundred and eighty nine days! Amazing! Most sources say that week twenty seven marks the beginning of my seventh month of pregnancy and of my third trimester. This is all very exciting news. This baby and I, we only have one trimester left together eating and breathing together. After that, it just gets more exciting since I get to meet my amazingly cute and lovely daughter. By no means am I wishing away this time, but I’m also thrilled and ecstatic to finally meet our little person. Starting now, baby’s growth is slowing down and she’s working instead to pack on pounds. Right now she’s just over two pounds and about fifteen inches tall. As for me: I’m thrilled that I didn’t get a call back regarding the gestational diabetes (Yessss! I knew that my lifelong obsession with candy would some day serve beneficial) so no news is good news in that regard. A new and exciting symptom is my shortness of breath. I was talking with the big boss the other day about something pretty important and suddenly found myself really short of breath, as if I’d just power walked over to her office or something. At first I took it as I sign of my lack of fitness lately, but after researching found that it’s due more to my uterus being up near my rib cage.

Welcome, third trimester!

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