Monday, August 30, 2010

Twenty Eight

Well, still plodding along over here. I haven’t written much lately because I just don’t have much to say. Nowadays baby girl is about 15.5 inches tall and about 2.2 pounds; we’ve finally hit a kilogram! Her skin continues to smooth out and get more pink as time goes on. She responds very well to light and sound; as I tested out by shinning a head lamp on her last night. Her lungs are big and strong enough that she’d be able to breathe on the outside, if needed, but she’s going to keep cooking for a while yet! I’ve felt her hiccupping a few times and women are right when they say that it’s both the coolest and weirdest sensation ever.

As for me; I’m not at my greatest. Over the weekend I had several really sharp cramps and cramps hard enough to wake me up last night. I know it’s normal because of her growing size and weight, but it still has me a teeny bit concerned. I wish I could call the midwife without getting chastised for “worrying,” but instead the knowledge that Doctor Google says it’s normal will suffice. Sleeping has become more and more difficult and the combo of heartburn, cramps, and sharing the bed again doesn’t help. (Speaking of which, last night I woke up and Sandwiches was snuggled right between us. I was really surprised because he’s very independent and likes to sleep in his own bed lately, but Toby claimed that he was very cold and crawled into bed shortly after I fell asleep.) Anyway, I know that it’s all usual stuff and I’m trying to enjoy it as it comes.

Lastly, we went out to buy our stroller over the weekend at Baby’s World, but they didn’t have the particular one we were looking for. It seems like we’ve switched roles lately; I’m no longer worried at all about having “things,” for her, but it seems like this has put Toby on overdrive. I think I’m much more relaxed now that I have a few onesies to take her home in. The assurance that she won’t be cold and naked seems to have done the trick for me. Also, we’re showing our house right now and the last thing I want after all the cleaning I’ve done is more stuff cluttering our space. Toby, on the other hand, wouldn’t let us leave the store without purchasing something. He insisted on nothing but the best for our daughter (but instead blamed my reckless driving) and now we own a lovely top of the line car seat. Both of us remarked on how weird it is that soon we’ll be taking home our baby in that fancy car seat…

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