Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How weird is this whole pregnancy thing?

There are a few pregnancy things that just make me cock my head to the side in a confused fashion when I think about them.

-Inside, I’m growing a baby with different DNA and blood type to me. He’s not just a part of me reminiscent of Eve being a little bit of Adam; he’s a weird combo of me and Toby. Lately I’ve been reading about the dangers of the baby’s blood commingling with mine (because I have something with a different blood type inside me!) in the case of an amnio and it struck me as bizarre. We’re totally different people, but for now he needs my resources to survive. In such a short time he’ll be his own being with his own blood type, his own DNA, and he’ll be on the outside! How exciting!

-My whole life, it’s been a tiny bit taboo to talk about… certain things in mixed company. But here I am, openly acknowledging that my spouse and I have sex. I talk about the fact that I’m going to shoot the baby out of my vagina. And feed him with my boobs. Why is this suddenly socially acceptable? Generally you’re meant to keep the sex/vagina/boobies talk in either your bedroom or in the bar but suddenly it’s all okay, or even encouraged! Why?

-I woke up in the middle of the night last night and told Toby that I had no idea how to change a boy diaper! I don’t even know whether it’s a boy or not, but… I don’t know some things! When you diaper a boy, should his penis point upwards or downwards? Do they really pee on you when you change them? I asked Toby and he seemed to have a surprising amount of insight into penis things that I didn’t know, but still… There’s a lot of unanswered (and weird, I know!) questions that I haven’t yet considered.

This whole baby-having thing – it’s a pretty hilarious adventure…

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