Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And the beat goes on...

I must say, the Doppler has been such a lovely thing to have. With all of the strenuous packing and moving activities I’ve been doing, it’s a very reassuring thing to Doppler the tummy and make sure all is well. His heartbeat ranges in speed, but it’s always very strong and wooshy. I’m so glad I got the Doppler to decrease my paranoia. It’s also been simply a nice treat at the end of the day, especially with as much hard physical labour as we’ve been doing with the moving thing. Sandwiches, Toby and I have been intently listening to the baby swimming in there. However, I think he might not like hearing it as much. From what I’ve read, he can hear his own heartbeat in utero, and every time I turn the volume up on the Doppler he seems to stay for only a moment until he swims entirely to the other side of my belly!

The thing I’m currently waiting for is for that second semester rush of energy that everyone promises. Lately I’ve been simply drained, and I’m kind of desiring more of a manic-type of nesting, rather than feeling absolutely dead to the world at the end of the day.

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