Wednesday, June 2, 2010

On getting old(er)

I’m having a hard time writing because everything is going well. My tummy is growing, and aside from that effin constant heartburn, pregnant life is good.

Just now a friend that I was really close to in high school came in to do some banking. We’ve seen each other around the ‘hood a few times since, but in high school we were inseparable. He’s going to school, and told me a bit about his summer plans and how his last semester went. When he asked what was new with me I told him the usual stuff, and said, “And I’m having a baby in November.” He was completely shocked. “Really????” he asked, completely incredulous. We laughed for a while how weird everything was. I told him how sometimes after work I get in my car and think, “Cool! I have a car!” and he often thinks the same. Our ten year graduation anniversary is coming up this year, and I have a feeling that many people just shake their head in wonder, shocked at how we all have cars and jobs and spouses and babies. Weird.


  1. So curious to know who was.

  2. Mom, it was Stephen Yip. Do you remember him?