Friday, July 2, 2010

Just shut UP!

I spent my Canada say stuck on a boat with a bunch of drunk people. Sometimes I can handle the situation better than others, but on this particular day I wasn’t at my most understanding. I had at least three men come up to me at touch/rub my stomach and at the time I did not appreciate the unwanted touching. I had a wasted young lady come up to me and slur, “I’m not just a dental hygienist, I’m also a great babysitter!” I opened my mouth to say something to the effect that my baby was not really allowed around controlled substances so it probably wouldn’t work out, when Toby shot me a look basically telling me to be nice. The only decent part of the day was going home, when everyone was so wasted that I had to drive the boat myself.

As time goes on, I find myself less and less patient with these situations. Perhaps it’s a bit better when I’m in an environment that I can actually leave (ie, not a boat in the middle of the ocean) but it’s also the fact that I’m finding these people not very relatable to relevant to my situation. Plus, it’s plain not fun hanging around everyone who is drinking and smoking when I’m not. However, it’s not a great idea to just suddenly stop interacting with everyone that I’ve hung around with for the past few years. The last thing I need to do is isolate myself further.

On the other hand, it’s been neat getting a different perspective into these sort of shenanigans. I’ve never noticed how annoying drunk girls were. Everyone just gets so petty and mean to each other, and they seem to think that the sober person is the one to vent to. For a brief glimmer when I got on the boats and saw all the pretty little girls frolicking in their bikinis (even though it was like ten degrees out) I thought to myself, “Oh, to be twenty two again…” and then I thought, “What?! I’d rather die than be 22 again!” I love the age I’m at, and where I am in my life! I wouldn’t trade that for a million string bikinis – and even if I could, I would never (ever!) wear them.

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  1. Hormones are working! Relax. Enjoy what you are living, it's a unique experience. No matter how many pregnancies you have had, you are always sorry that you didn't have one more.