Monday, May 10, 2010

And then there were two.

I’m a girl in North Vancouver, BC. I love where I live, and would never live anywhere else. In this beautiful place, I live with the loves of my life: my lovely redhead man, Toby, and my amazingly cute French Bulldog baby, Sandwiches.

Here we are, all of us embarking on this amazingly scary, unknown, and life-changing THING. We’re scared and nervous and full of nothing but questions. But we’ve got books and friends and family and a sense of humor.

We were incredibly lucky (??) to find out about this pregnancy extremely early on (a mere four weeks!) and thought we were much further along than we actually were. Now, finally at eleven weeks, I’m counting the days (hours!) until we are out of the “danger zone,” – the first trimester! A mere six days to go!

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