Wednesday, May 26, 2010

On being boring

A customer said the cutest thing the other day:

We were talking about kids and families and all that, and I was asking about how many kids he had at home. “Two sets of twins – two little boys, and two girls,” he says. “Whaaaaat?! That’s AMAZING! Do you even KNOW how lucky you are?! The chances of that are like… none! Wow!” I’m completely taken aback and fascinated by anything that had to do with either redheads or twins.
“You should buy lottery tickets with how lucky you are!” I told him.
And he says… “With the family I have, I’ve already won.”

Of course, I thought that was the cutest, sweetest thing ever and Toby gagged with the revolting tackiness of it all.

Since pregnancy is so long (250 to 280 days by simple calculations) I’m scared that I’ll run out of things to talk about here. My goal is to write every business day, but hopefully I’ll have enough things to talk about in all that time. Pregnancy-wise, exciting things don’t happen every single day! And now that I’m in kind of an in-betweeny phase, nothing is really happening. I feel physically better, more rested, have nothing exciting to report. I guess as time goes on and he starts somersaulting inside me, there will be more to talk about. For now, I’ll just continue to grow.

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