Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Chicken and Sweat

As of last week, I want nothing to do with chicken. We were tossing around dinner suggestions and “How about Butter Chicken?” was a suggestion to which I immediately recoiled. Even the thought of eating any type of chicken absolutely turned my stomach. Now, typing the word “chicken” over and over is making me feel pretty ill, too. Why are food aversions so odd? From the beginning of this pregnancy, I’ve noticed that I have no desire to eat spicy food. Now, I’m a spicy food champ. I was practically raised on Tabasco, and as I grew up I graduated to pretty much the hottest stuff there is. I’m hard-pressed to find someone who can out-spice me, yet nowadays, I’ll take bland any day.

And now to discuss my most recent and exciting symptom of pregnancy:

The sweating. Whaaaaat? This secret seems about as closely guarded as the whole constipation thing. While I’ve definitely heard of the pregnancy “glow,” never have I heard about the pregnancy STENCH. I’ve never sweated, let alone smelled before. Sure, as a habit I wear deodorant and sure, I sometimes get warm. However, these days we’re in another league entirely. After a day of work (and I sit all day long, by the way) I absolutely stink like a man. At first I thought it was my over-sensitive nose exaggerating again, but Toby confirmed: “Yup. You smell like a sweaty man.” Why is this? If it’s some hormone thing, then shouldn’t I be surging with beautiful, flowery, girly hormones? Why do I smell like a man?!

And while we’re at it: where’s my pregnancy glow?!

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