Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And the tummy grows...

This weekend I had my first ever maternity massage. I suppose it was much like a regular massage, but I didn’t love it. Upon arriving at the spa, my first thought was about the massage therapist was, “Please don’t be a man, please don’t be a man….” but I kind of shrugged that off, as it’s kind of implied that a person specializing in pregnancy massages would be a female. But of course, he wasn’t. The whole time I was on edge, and I didn’t like my inner thighs massaged by a man. Not one bit. Also, it was supposedly a pregnancy massage, yet he didn’t bother asking me how far along I was, or even when my baby was due. I wasn’t impressed with any of the process, and I left just as tense as I came in.

In fun and exciting pregnancy news: I got my first-ever maternity clothes! Oh my god, am I comfortable! Wow! First of all, everything at the store just fit SO well! The jeans, especially, looked great because the legs fit absolutely perfectly, but my tummy had room to breathe. I ended up getting two jean shorts, two pairs of jeans, one pair of work pants and two shirts. Kind of backwards, because I need jeans/shorts only twice a week, while I need business clothes five times a week! Luckily, some of my bank things are still fitting. Regardless, I love my comfy new wardrobe, and it really shows off my expanding tummy. I feel like I am finally getting past people thinking immediately, “She sure has gained a lot of weight lately,” to “Hey! Look at her pregnant tummy!” It’s actually growing a little more each day, and if I poke it a little, it feels like my uterus in there. Then again, I have no idea what my uterus feels like. Regardless, the belly makes progress!

And speaking of which… Toby has really started patting/touching/talking to my belly a lot more. I never thought he’d be the type, but, here we are. It makes me feel a bit weird, but I guess I’d better get used to it because it’s half his!

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  1. There were no maternity massages in your tummy days...