Monday, May 17, 2010

Covered in chocolate

This morning one of my coworkers said, “Mmmm! What are you wearing?! You smell amazing!” I told her “Nothing,” because not only had I forgotten to put on my deodorant this morning, but I’m actually a big scent-hater. Being a room that is recently aerosol-sprayed makes me feel like throwing up. Helping a customer doused in perfume is guaranteeing me a headache for the day. I’m a big proponent of scent-free environments, and actually feel a bit offended when I’m trapped in an elevator with a person who obviously has no regards to those around them and has started their day with a cheap perfume-dip.

Anyway, a few minutes after I was asked what I was wearing in terms of scent, I remembered! This morning I covered my entire body with the cocoa butter stick I just got at the Body Shop! I’m starting this pregnancy with a few stretch-marks under my belt, but I really, really don’t feel like adding anymore. So, while I’m a person with absolutely zero beauty routine, I think I’ll add this one in. The (very natural) chocolate smell doesn’t hurt, either.

One exciting pregnancy thing happened over the weekend: I reached that amazing 12-week pregnancy landmark! I’m so, so, soooo thrilled, but trying to keep it in check. I haven’t had an appointment since I was less than eight weeks along, and couldn’t a lot of things have gone wrong since then? I’m only thinking and manifesting good things, but am absolutely terrified of the worst. I feel like my doctor’s appointment will absolutely put that to rest tomorrow. Since I’m past twelve weeks, we’ll listen to the baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler, so I feel like the combo of being out of the first trimester along with hearing him/her with the Doppler will truly (finally, finally, finally!) make me feel sure, certain, and PREGNANT!

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