Friday, May 21, 2010

Crying, Turtles, and Weekends

A lot of things make me cry lately. I guess it’s all the hormones, or something.

Currently at our house, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill is off limits. Of course, it’s a huge tragic disaster, and on heavy rotation on every single news channel. But the moment it comes on, there’s immediate yelling: “CHANGE IT, CHANGE IT, CHANGE IT!!!!!!!!!” Toby doesn’t seem to get it, but luckily he’s been complying pretty well so far. The oil spills lead me to think of all of the fish and the wildlife and inevitably my mind goes to the turtles. The poor little baby turtles. The parent turtles lay their eggs waaaay up on the beach and once they hatch, the teeny babies have to make their way into the water. But now, they cannot. Because they’ll be dead before they even hatch. This is heartbreaking and I can’t even deal with watching it these days.

Instead, I will focus on happy and trivial things.

Tomorrow I get my first pregnancy massage! I’m so thrilled! I’ve never even had a real massage before, so I’m quite excited for my first bit of pregnancy pampering. Also, it’s a long weekend that I get to spend with my loved ones. Goodbye until next week!

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