Thursday, July 15, 2010

The good.

I’m so appreciative of all the outpouring of support regarding my midwife situation. It’s really encouraging to know there’s all that caring and listening out there. Thank you! It was really helpful to just write about it and move on. If it keeps going negatively I’m just going to move back to the original clinic I was at and otherwise stay and hope for the good midwife that I really liked. Regardless, I’m delivering at the same hospital, and regardless I’m having a baby. The rest is just details.

Some important new developments:

-At the ultrasound I asked if she was measuring big, and the tech said something about 21/22 weeks. At the midwife I was measured as 23 weeks. Hopefully with the upcoming ultrasound on July 29th, we’ll have a date for certain, be it the original of November 28th or perhaps even earlier! The way they measured my tummy is really neat – I’d read about it in lots of books but never really understood what it meant. They put the measuring tape at the top of my pubic bone, and run it up my tummy towards my head. Then they feel where the top of my uterus is (because it’s grown so much!) and with that measurement they’re able to tell roughly how many weeks you are along. So, supposedly, I’ll be growing a centimeter a week in the area between pubic bone and rib bone. So cool!

-My tummy is looking sooo pregnant and round these days! It touches things when I’m just doing the usual stuff at work and catches me off guard. Today I almost closed my tummy in the ATM when I was loading it!

-Knowing that baby is coming so soon gives me flutters in my tummy. I can’t even believe that she will be here so, so soon!

-The above statement also makes me feel a bit scared – not about the parenting and having a baby bit of it, but about where we’ll actually be. We’re in a bit of a transitional housing stage in life right now, so I’m still unsure about whether we’ll be in a new house by the time the baby comes. In that regard, I’m not envisioning myself having a nursery in our current house (even though there’s a perfect spot) and I’m not setting up anything at all. This is a bit difficult, seeing as reading all the pregnancy boards makes me feel like I’m very behind in actually acquiring stuff for baby. On the other hand, I don’t want to acquire a bunch of stuff when I know I’ll just end up lugging it around to a new house.

-Baby is moving! I seem to feel her swimming around in there both first thing in the morning and in the evening when I’m laying in bed. It’s nothing like a kick yet, but still more of an inside-my-tummy twitch. So cool!

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