Monday, July 5, 2010

Number 40

My fourtieth post! And I have so many yet to go!

The best part of my weekend was spent at Baby's World. Well, the part that wasn't spent at Home Depot was spent at Baby's World, which was significantly better. It was so awesome in there; every single salesperson we talked to was so incredibly kind and helpful. They were also all really young and cute, but each one we talked to had children of her own, thus more relevant advice. Also, they were really non-pushy either way, and rather than automatically steering us in the direction of the most expensive items, they really recommended what was best for our particular situation.

I'm happy to report that I won't be having to trade in my car for a stroller! The leader so far is the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle with the "Carry Cot" thinggie so the baby can "sleep on the go." We'll definitely have to look at it again, especially to see if it fits in the back of my car. We'll be pretty squishy in there pretty soon - Sandwiches, baby, baby's car seat and stroller... and me! It was reassuring to get a start on this stuff, and we'll probably go back a few times. Also, they have my perfect reusable diaper system! It looks like baby will have to wear disposable up until he hits ten pounds (like a week or two) and then he'll be the most environmentally friendly soft-butt baby on the block!

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  1. ah!, disposables... you'll become adicted to those things, which BTW are totally environmentaly friendly, while their 'back to nature process' gets quite a push by its content...