Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The ultrasound!!

A very quick post, since it’s a very important day but apparently it’s also a day in which everyone has to do their banking…

The big ultrasound went well. The tech quietly did all her work for quite a while, and most of it was out of my view, while Becca had a perfect view of the whole thing. The small bits I saw were: her little spine being all wiggly, her cute foot, and kind of a side-profile of her alieny face. And what did Becca see first? The lack of penis&balls! We’re having a girl! Although the odds of that occurring were totally 50/50, I’d grown so accustomed to calling her “him/he,” so in the past few days we’ve adjusted our thinking. For much of the ultrasound she was curled up into a little ball, so all of the pictures that were needed were not acquired which means another ultrasound in two weeks. We were assured that everything was indeed fine, and that the extra visit was simply due to her positioning, which was great since I’ve read a lot about second visits for not such simple reasons. Also, it’s great that we get to see her even more grown up before her birthday! They gave us four pictures to take home: one of her cute little fully-formed foot and three of her face in various smiling positions. She’s lovely and gorgeous!

Now I’m rushing this post, just because I really want to write about my midwife appointment while it’s still fresh in my mind. Stay tuned for more tales of our little baby GIRL!

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