Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Two more grievances until I’m done airing it out

The first thing that bothered me when I walked into the appointment was that the room smelled intensely like sweat. It’s true that pregnant women sweat more, and it’s been rather hot lately, but I’ve managed to keep myself scent-free for these past five months, and I’d expect others to do the same. As the midwife got closer to me, I realized that it wasn’t the room, but just her. It’s fine if she’s all natural and stuff, but it doesn’t mean she has to reek. I could recommend an excellent crystal antiperspirant, in fact, that’s both good for the body and for the environment.

She also said that there are problems in one percent of pregnancies. I commented that one percent is actually quite a large number and this is precisely why I like to be prepared for all possible occurrences in pregnancy. She looked at me like I was crazy and said that one percent is an insignificant number and not big enough to think about. Really? The world population of Jews is 0.7% and I know a hell of a lot of Jews. 1% of Vancouver’s population is 300,000. Three hundred thousand people are not insignificant and would fill an auditorium quite nicely. In this case, it’s not a matter of the one percent per se, but the blatant refusal to acknowledge my genuine concerns.

By writing about this I’m not trying to dwell on it, but rather just trying to process it and let it go. I’m happy that my pregnancy is going so well, and I’m happy to have all the resources and support that I need in Toby and in my friends&family. I’ve tried to think about this situation from both ends of it, and now that I’ve been able to write it all out, I’ll just leave it behind me and focus on the good. In the next post!

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  1. My Baby Girl, I think you have the right to enjoy your pregnancy with all that it means. You cannot avoid sweating, being tired, being constipated, smelling beyond your desire, but there are things you can avoid. I say it again. If you don't feel confortable with this midwife, you can ask to be changed to another one. I know it is random, but if there is 1 out of 10 that you don 't like, it is your right to refuse to interact with her. If there are 9 out of 10 you don't like, probably would be better to change the strategy and go to a doctor. Love